Robust seal improves the performance of newly installed tapered roller bearings-African Farmer Review

2021-12-06 06:21:10 By : Mr. Jason Wong

Adding strong seals to newly installed tapered roller bearings creates a new product that can survive more than 600 hours in a contaminated environment-10 times longer than any competitor's product.

SKF has greatly extended the performance and product life of its newly installed tapered roller bearings by pairing them with high-quality seals.

The installed tapered roller bearings, also known as E-type bearings, use SKF CR seals. Even in harsh conditions, this can actually eliminate the entry of contaminants, thereby prolonging the service life.

“In the mud test, our seals withstood more than 600 hours of pollution with zero pollution,” said Eric Brubaker, SKF North American Product Management Director. "A competitor's product entered the market in 50 hours or earlier."

When the axial movement is limited and the thrust load needs to be increased, the installed tapered roller bearing is used. This makes it suitable for demanding industries such as mining, aggregates and cement. Potential applications include material handling equipment, such as belt feeders and screw conveyors, and processing machinery, including grinders, shredders, and mixers.

These devices usually fail for one reason: seal failure. By improving the sealing performance, they can be designed to last longer-extending uptime and increasing reliability.

Customers who run such machines generally accept that the ingress of contaminants will inevitably lead to premature failure. By integrating its bearing and sealing expertise into one unit, SKF managed to overcome this problem.

"The sealing performance of this device is more than 10 times that of our competitors," Brubaker said.

CR seals provide several lines of protection against contamination. The use of hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) can resist abrasion and high temperature, while the all-rubber outer diameter can improve the static seal in the housing. Multiple sealing lips can exclude all types of contaminants, including dirt, mud, water, sand and powder. The seal also allows the bearing to be relubricated without damaging the sealing lip.

Other areas of use of E-type bearings include conveyors and processing equipment in logging plants, pulp and paper, metal and food processing.

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