Caterpillar's new European logistics center-aerospace manufacturing

2021-11-08 09:33:23 By : Mr. Jack Hou

Precision bearing specialist Carter Manufacturing announced the opening of a new European logistics center in Valencia, Spain.

The facility will support European customers by supplying products directly within the EU and provide many benefits and opportunities for new and existing customers. Free shipping of products in Europe without border restrictions or customs clearance requirements is very important, which also highlights Carter's global expansion plans.

Karl Brundell, Managing Director of Carter Bearings, commented: "We are very proud to achieve this goal during the global pandemic. This investment will ensure high-quality services and continuity in the supply of goods for all our customers in the EU. We look forward to it. To support new and existing customers in this new location, and I am very happy to see that this investment will help us achieve growth."

Since 1999, Carter has helped companies across Europe find the right bearing and tooling solutions at the forefront of the industry. The combination of innovative products, excellent engineering support and competitive prices ensures that their products meet and exceed customer application requirements.

The location of the new logistics center seems to be an obvious choice, because Spain has now become a modern, knowledge-based economy combined with an international focus on innovation.

Spain’s young, qualified workforce, highly competitive costs and working conditions are other key factors.

The Valencia region provides excellent transportation and logistics capabilities for the entire Europe, with two major maritime ports and Valencia and Alicante international airports within a 45 km radius.

This new location has the same high standards of ISO:9001 and AS9120 aerospace certification under the umbrella of Carter’s existing certification.

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