Cylindrical roller thrust bearing with inner ring needle roller bearing IR110X125X40 IR120X130X30 IR130X150X50 IR140X155X35 IR150X165X40

Auto Parts Needle Roller Bearing Components with Inner Rings                                                          ApplicationNeedle roller bearings are a bearing that is c

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Auto Parts Needle Roller Bearing Components with Inner Rings
Needle Roller Bearings with Inner Rings Cylindrical roller thrust bearing IR110X125X40 IR120X130X30 IR130X150X50 IR140X155X35 IR150X165X40

Needle roller bearings are a bearing that is classified as either radial or thrust depending on the direction of the load being
supported. Needle roller bearings include bearings whose rollers slightly exceed the size range of needle rollers as stipulated
by ISO. Needle roller bearings include Drawn Cuo Needle Roller Bearing, Needle Roller & Cage Assemblies, Inner Rings,
Needle Roller Bearings(Machine). 
As well as application-specific cam followers, and roller followers. 

Needle Roller Bearings with Inner Rings Cylindrical roller thrust bearing IR110X125X40 IR120X130X30 IR130X150X50 IR140X155X35 IR150X165X40
Needle Roller Bearing Inner Rings

Product NameNeedle Roller Bearing Inner Rings 
Precision RatingP6, P0, P5, P4, P2
MaterialBearing Steel  (GCr15)
ClearanceC0 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
Vibration & NoisyZ1,Z2,Z3 V1,V2,V3
FeaturesHigh Precision, High Speed, Long Life, High Reliability, Low Noise , Reduce Friction
CertificationISO 9001:2008
Packing1.Neutral Packing Bearing  2.Industrial Packing  3.Commercial Packing Bearing  4.Customize
Delivery Time30 - 45 Days After The Order is Confirmed
Shippment1.By Sea  2.By Air  3.By Express

Needle Roller Bearings with Inner Rings Cylindrical roller thrust bearing IR110X125X40 IR120X130X30 IR130X150X50 IR140X155X35 IR150X165X40

Bearing No.Boundary Dimensions (mm)Mass
IR 5X8X12 58120.30.003
(IR 5X8X16) 58160.30.004
IR 6x9x12 69120.30.003
IR 6x9x16 69160.30.004
IR 6x10x10 OH 610100.30.004
IR 6X10X12 OH2 610120.30.005
IR 7X10X10.5LR 7X10X10.571010.50.30.003
IR 7X10X12 710120.30.004
IR 7X10X16 710160.30.005
IR 8X12X10 OH 812100.30.005
IR 8X12X10.5LR 8X12X10.581210.50.30.005
IR 8X12X12 OH2 812120.30.006
IR 8X12X12.5LR 8X12X12.581212.50.30.006
IR 9X12X12 912120.30.004
IR 9X12X16 912160.30.006
IR 10X13X12.5LR 10X13X12.5101312.50.30.005
IR 10X14X12 OH 1014120.30.007
IR 10X14X13 1014130.30.007
IR 10X14X14 OH2 1014140.30.008
IR 10X14X16 1014160.30.009
IR 10X14X20 1014200.30.012
IR 12X15X12 1215120.30.006
IR 12X15X12.5LR 12X15X12.5121512.50.30.006
IR 12X15X16 1215160.30.008
IR 12X15X16.5LR 12X15X16.5121516.50.30.008
IR 12X15X22.5LR 12X15X22.5121522.50.30.011
IR 12X16X12 OH 1216120.30.008
IR 12X16X13 1216130.30.009
IR 12X16X14 OH2 1216140.30.009
IR 12X16X16 1216160.30.011
IR 12X16X20 1216200.30.014
IR 12X16X22 1216220.30.015
IR 14X17X17 1417170.30.01
 LR 15X18X12.5151812.50.30.007
IR 15X18X16 1518160.30.009
IR 15X18X16.5LR 15X18X16.5151816.50.30.01
IR 15X19X16 1519160.30.013
IR 15X19X20 1519200.30.016
IR 15X20X12 OH 1520120.30.012
IR 15X20X13 1520130.30.014
IR 15X20X14 OH2 1520140.30.015
IR 15X20X23 1520230.30.024
IR 17X20X16 1720160.30.011
IR 17X20X16.5LR 17X20X16.5172016.50.30.011
IR 17X20X20 1720200.30.014
IR 17X20X20.5LR 17X20X20.5172020.50.30.014
IR 17X20X30.5LR 17X20X30.5172030.50.30.021
IR 17X21X16 1721160.30.015
IR 17X21X20 1721200.30.018
IR 17X22X13 1722130.30.015
IR 17X22X14 OH2 1722140.30.016
IR 17X22X16 1722160.30.018
IR 17X22X23 1722230.30.027
IR 17X24X20 1724200.60.034
IR 20X24X16 2024160.30.015
IR 20X24X20 2024200.30.021
 LR 20X25X12.5202512.50.30.016
IR 20X25X16 OH 2025160.30.024
 LR 20X25X16.5202516.50.30.022
IR 20X25X17 2025170.30.025
IR 20X25X18 OH2 2025180.30.024
IR 20X25X20 2025200.30.028
IR 20X25X20.5LR 20X25X20.5202520.50.30.027
IR 20X25X26.5LR 20X25X26.5202526.50.30.038
IR 20X25X30 2025300.30.04
IR 20X25X38.5LR 20X25X38.5202538.50.30.053
IR 20X28X20 2028200.60.045
IR 22X26X16 2226160.30.018
IR 22X26X20 2226200.30.023
IR 22X28X17 2228170.30.03
IR 22X28X20 2228200.30.035
IR 22X28X20.5LR 22X28X20.5222820.50.30.036
IR 22X28X30 2528300.30.054
IR 25X29X20 2529200.30.026
IR 25X29X30 2529300.30.039
 LR 25X30X12.5253012.50.30.02
IR 25X30X16 OH 2530160.30.026
 LR 25X30X16.5253016.50.30.027
IR 25X30X17 2530170.30.027
IR 25X30X18 OH2 2530180.30.03
IR 25X30X20 2530200.30.033
IR 25X30X20.5LR 25X30X20.5253020.50.30.033
IR 25X30X26.5LR 25X30X26.5253026.50.30.046
IR 25X30X30 2530300.30.053
IR 25X30X32 2530320.30.056
IR 25X30X38.5LR 25X30X38.5253038.50.30.065
IR 25X32X22 2532220.60.053
IR 28X32X17 2832170.30.025
IR 28X32X20 2832200.30.029
IR 28X32X30 2832300.30.044
 LR 30X35X12.5303512.50.30.023
IR 30X35X13 3035130.30.025
IR 30X35X16 3035160.30.034
 LR 30X35X16.5303516.50.30.031
IR 30X35X17 3035170.30.036
IR 30X35X18 OH2 3035180.30.035
IR 30X35X20 3035200.30.039
IR 30X35X20.5LR 30X35X20.5303520.50.30.04
IR 30X35X26 3035260.30.05
IR 30X35X30 3035300.30.059
IR 30X37X18 3037180.60.05
IR 30X37X22 3037220.60.062
IR 30X38X20 OH 3038200.60.077
IR 32X37X20 3237200.30.042
IR 32X37X30 3237300.30.062
IR 32X40X20 3240200.60.068
IR 32X40X36 3240360.60.124
IR 33X37X13 3337130.30.022
 LR 35X40X12.5354012.50.30.027
 LR 35X40X16.5354016.50.30.037
IR 35X40X17 3540170.30.038
IR 35X40X20 3540200.30.044
IR 35X40X20.5 354020.50.30.046
IR 35X40X30 3540300.30.067
IR 35X42X20 OH 3542200.60.064
IR 35X42X21 OH2 3542210.60.068
IR 35X42X23 OH2 3542230.60.075
IR 35X42X36 3542 0.60.117
IR 35X43X22 3543360.60.082
IR 38X43X20 3843220.30.048
IR 38X43X30 3843200.30.074
 LR 40X45X16.54045300.30.041
IR 40X45X17 404516.50.30.043
IR 40X45X20 4045170.30.051
IR 40X45X20.5LR 40X45X20.54045200.30.052
IR 40X45X30 404520.50.30.084
IR 40X48X22 4048300.60.092
IR 40X48X23 OH2 4048220.60.098
IR 40X48X40 4048230.60.17
IR 40X50X20 OH 40502010.106
IR 40X50X22 40502210.118
IR 42X47X20 4247200.30.053
IR 42X47X30 4247300.30.081
 LR 45X50X20.5455020.50.30.059
IR 45X50X25 4550250.60.071
IR 45X50X25.5LR 45X50X25.5455025.50.30.075
IR 45X50X35 4550350.60.101
IR 45X52X22 4552220.60.089
IR 45X52X23 OH2 4552230.60.094
IR 45X52X40 4552400.60.164
IR 45X55X20 OH 45552010.117
IR 45X55X22 45552210.129
IR 50X55X20 OH 5055200.60.063
 LR 50X55X20.5505520.50.60.064
IR 50X55X25 5055250.60.078
IR 50X55X35 5055350.60.112
IR 50X58X22 5058220.60.115
IR 50X58X23 OH2 5058230.60.119
IR 50X58X40 5058400.60.208
IR 50X60X20 OH 50602010.128
IR 50X60X25 50602510.162
IR 50X60X28 5060281.10.181
IR 55X60X25 5560250.60.086
IR 55X60X35 5560350.60.121
IR 55X63X25 55632510.141
IR 55X63X45 55634510.256
IR 55X65X28 5565281.10.198
IR 60X68X25 60682510.152
IR 60X68X35 6068350.60.213
IR 60X68X45 60684510.276
IR 60X70X25 60702510.195
IR 60X70X28 6070281.10.215
IR 65X72X25 65722510.141
IR 65X72X45 65724510.259
IR 65X73X25 65732510.164
IR 65X73X35 65733510.231
IR 65X75X28 6575281.10.229
IR 70X80X25 70802510.221
IR 70X80X30 70803010.267
IR 70X80X35 70803510.312
IR 70X80X54 70805410.488
IR 75X85X25 75852510.238
IR 75X85X30 75853010.287
IR 75X85X35 75853510.336
IR 75X85X54 75855410.52
IR 80X90X25 80902510.253
IR 80X90X30 80903010.304
IR 80X90X35 80903510.355
IR 80X90X54 80905410.556
IR 85X95X26 85952610.277
IR 85X95X36 85953610.388
IR 85X100X35 85100351.10.582
IR 85X100X63 85100631.11.054
IR 90X100X26 901002610.294
IR 90X100X30 901003010.34
IR 90X100X36 901003610.406
IR 90X105X35 90105351.10.61
IR 90X105X63 90105631.11.11
IR 95X105X26 951052610.313
IR 95X105X36 951053610.431
IR 95X110X35 95110351.10.657
IR 95X110X63 95110631.11.17
IR 100X110X30 100110301.10.35
IR 100X110X40 100110401.10.505
IR 100X115X40 100115401.10.797
IR 110X120X30 1101203010.409
IR 110X125X40 110125401.10.84
IR 120X130X30 1201303010.442
IR 120X135X45 120135451.11.044
IR 130X145X35 130145351.10.855
IR 130X150X50 130150501.51.69
IR 140X155X35 140155351.10.917
IR 140X160X50 140160501.51.8
IR 150X165X40 150165401.11.122
IR 160X175X40 160175401.11.2
IR 170X185X45 170185451.11.441
IR 180X195X45 180195451.11.51
IR 190X210X50 190210501.52.41
IR 200X220X50 200220501.52.518
IR 220X240X50 220240601.52.753
(IR 240X265X60) 2402656024.6
(IR 260x285x60) 2602856024.98
(IR 280x305x69) 2803056926.1
(IR 300x330x80) 300330802.19.2
(IR 320x350x80) 320350802.19.8
(IR 340x370x80) 340370802.110.2
(IR 360x390x80) 360390802.110.9
(IR 380x415x100) 3804151002.116.7

                                                                              About Us

HENGLI Machinery Company is a well-established Chinese bearing supplier. We design, manufacture and wholesale bearings.

Our specialized manufacturer of Spherical Roller Bearing & Cylindrical Roller Bearing, LUAN Rolling Bearing Co., Ltd

was established in 1970 and is accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Machine Building.

We invested in two additional specialized bearing factories, which allow us to provide our clients with top of the line products such

as Needle Roller Bearings, Spherical Plain Bearings, Rod Ends Bearings, Ball Joint Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings,

Wheel Hub Bearings and Non-Standard Bearings.
Needle Roller Bearings with Inner Rings Cylindrical roller thrust bearing IR110X125X40 IR120X130X30 IR130X150X50 IR140X155X35 IR150X165X40


Needle Roller Bearings with Inner Rings Cylindrical roller thrust bearing IR110X125X40 IR120X130X30 IR130X150X50 IR140X155X35 IR150X165X40

Industry Exibition and Our Packing, Shipping & Payment
Needle Roller Bearings with Inner Rings Cylindrical roller thrust bearing IR110X125X40 IR120X130X30 IR130X150X50 IR140X155X35 IR150X165X40
Q1 - What is our advantages?

     A    - Manufacturer - Do it only with the Best;

            -Your Choice make different. 

Q2 - Our Products

 A   - Spherical Roller Bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Needle Roller Bearing, Cam Followers, Thrust Bearing

      - Spherical Plain Bearing, Rod End, Ball Joint, Wheel Hub, Tapered Roller Bearing

Q3 - Process of our production

 A - Heat Treatment - Grinding - Parts Inspection - Assembly - Final Inspection - Packing

Q4 - How to customize bearing(non-standard) from your company?

 A -We offer OEM,Customized(Non-standard) service and you need to provide drawing and detailed Technical Data.

Q5 -   What should I care before installation?

 A   - Normally, the preservative with which new bearings are coated before leaving the factory does not need to be

        removed; it is only necessary to wipe off the outside cylin­drical surface and bore, if the grease is not compatible

        with the preservative, it is necessary to wash and carefully dry the bearing.

      -Bearings should be installed in a dry, dust-free room away from metal working or other machines producing

        swarf and dust.

Q6 - How to stock and maintenance my bearings right? 

 A   - Do not store bearings directly on concrete floors, where water can condense and collect on the bearing;

      -Store the bearings on a pallet or shelf, in an area where the bearings will not be subjected to high humidity

       or sudden and severe temperature changes that may result in condensation forming;

      -Always put oiled paper or, if not available, plastic sheets between rollers and cup races of tapered roller bearings.

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