Spherical roller bearings have a built-in mounting system | Engineer Live

2021-11-16 16:42:14 By : Ms. Hiho wang

ABB introduced the Dodge Safety Mount spherical roller bearing, which has a built-in patented locking mechanism, which reduces installation time by up to 75% compared with traditional products. The new bearings are best suited for bulk material and air handling applications, and are installed by tightening fasteners instead of using hammers and other tools. The system also allows simple installation and removal from the same side of the bearing, which means that only one person is required to complete the task.

The safe installation bearing has a three-lip contact seal and a corrosion-resistant slinger sealing system to prevent pollutants from entering the product during installation and operation. Labyrinth seal options are available for high speed and high temperature applications.

Dodge Safety Mount spherical roller bearings are suitable for bearing ABB Ability Smart Sensor, which is an easy-to-use wireless sensor that can monitor the health of the bearing.

They are factory-sealed and lubricated, out-of-the-box shafts, no feeler gauges are required. They offer split caps and one-piece housing options in standard SAF, metric SN, E and imperial housing sizes, ranging in size from 4-15/16” to 7” (115 mm to 170 mm).

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