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2021-11-08 09:36:23 By : Mr. Ben Luo

The operator of a German car wash line had to repeatedly replace the bearings in the swivel joint of the system car wash head, resulting in an annual cost of more than 12,000 euros for spare parts alone. However, after replacing the bearings with NSK molded oil deep groove ball bearings with DDU seals, the maintenance cost was reduced to zero.

The average car wash in Germany washes more than 110,000 cars every year. As far as the drive components in the cleaning rod and cleaning head are concerned, this application is equivalent to a durability test of spraying with water and detergent. The bearings in the swivel joint of the cleaning head have also undergone the same treatment, in which case they are not competent.

The staff of the car wash company must replace the deep groove ball bearings of the rotary joint several times a year. Therefore, the company contacted NSK for advice on how to extend the life of the bearing. Analysis of defective bearings quickly revealed corrosion and grease that was not washed away. Reason: Non-abrasive seals cannot prevent washing water from penetrating into the bearing, thereby flushing out grease.

NSK recommends replacing the bearings with molded oil deep groove ball bearings with DU seals on both sides. In this bearing, the carrier material contains lubricant, which can be stably released for a long time. Therefore, the service life of these bearings (ball, spherical roller and tapered roller models available) is more than twice that of grease-lubricated bearings, especially in environments exposed to water and dust. In addition, since the molded oil technology ensures permanent lubrication, maintenance intervals are significantly extended. And because there is no need to replenish grease when the bearing is running, the operating environment is kept clean.

Molded oil bearings can provide various seals. For example, the rotary joints in car washes use bearings with abrasive DU seals (DDU) on both sides, which can reliably prevent water and moisture from entering even if this is the norm in the operating environment.

After replacing the bearings, the rotary joints in the car wash were operating well. In the first year alone, the company saved more than 11,900 Euros in maintenance costs. The previous bearing cost was over 12,000 Euros, and the labor cost is estimated to be very low. It is now compared with a one-time investment of 618 Euros for molded oil deep groove ball bearings. It took less than three weeks to recover this investment.

1) The washing rods in the car wash line and the bearings in the washing head must operate under harsh conditions

2) Molded oil deep groove ball bearings with DU seals on both sides can withstand large amounts of exposure to water and dust, even in the swivel joint of the cleaning head

3) DU seal is used as an effective barrier to prevent flushing water from penetrating into the bearing

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