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Pumpkins in every house For many years, Slocum Realty shipped 3,000 pumpkins to the Warwick community during Halloween to thank the community for their trust and support. The pumpkin came from Morris Farm and was left

To the editor: The Biden administration's brutal attacks on the American people have continued unabated. It started with the sudden cancellation of the Keystone pipeline. This subconscious decision has cost thousands of Americans out of their jobs, and now all of us have paid the price

By ALEX SPONSELLER In the third divisional tournament held at Slater Park in Potucket on Tuesday afternoon, the Pilgrims women’s tennis team lost 4-0 to Lincoln School. Lady Pats beat the No. 2 St. Ray in the first round, shocking the state, and then

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Rhode Island Cross Country Championship was held at Ponaganset High School last weekend, and many locals made some noise during their last outing before the upcoming state assembly this week. Here are some

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Toll Gate football team lost to Chariho 48-8 in the regular season finals on Saturday morning. Although the Titans scored early and kept the score at 8-8 after a quarter of the game, the Chargers will soar by 14

The visiting Central Cavaliers women's tennis team went to Warwick last week and eliminated the second seed toll booth with a score of 4-3. Svetlana Stepanova defeated Central's Chanelly Portorreal 6-1 and 6-0 to win Toll Gate's first singles victory.

Drug charges At around 7:16 pm on October 19, Detective John Toussaint received a notice that Cranston’s Flock Safety license plate reading camera detected a stolen 2019 Hyundai Sonata driving on Broad Street in the city and went to

Aspen Dental’s Day of Service To commemorate Veterans’ Day, Aspen Dental branches across the country will open their doors to provide free nursing care to soldiers...

When will it stop? Starting from the west of Wilde's Corner, the gas main on West Shore Road is being replaced, reducing traffic to one lane several times, making drivers question when and when the construction will end

On Monday, the City Council unanimously passed a decree proposed by the 3rd District Councillor Tim Howe, prohibiting the Warwick Planning Committee or the District Committee meeting from being held on the same day as...

Providence Northern Model Railway Club will host an annual two-day open house on December 11th and 12th from 10 am to 4 pm, at 1175 West Bank Road in Warwick and... …

Author: JOHN HOWELL A building that defines Abonag in many ways is transitioning to a new purpose, and another building that has a long-term relationship with the village will soon be razed to the ground. Gathered outside with officials from the northeast of the city's AAA on Tuesday

Last weekend, two quite unique Halloween events were held at Tri-City Elks at 1915 West Bank Road, Warwick. The first one is Derek "Buzz Lightyear"...

No more hunger: In October, communities and church groups began calling attention to food insecurity in our communities. A total of 135 walkers and their supporters raised more than US$9,600 to support local pantry and Westbay Marketplace.

You must have heard the motto that Boy Scouts are ready. I think Beacon is ready for the storm last week, and in terms of wind, it is close to a hurricane. No sweat-some fallen branches, many puddles, within a few hours

To the editor: In response to the article on the reassessment and Senator Rix’s comments, I can say that Senator Rix needs to represent the interests of his ward, but there are eight other wards that may or may not face the problems he claims. any

Author: JOHN HOWELL Go Pictured, Anna Giuliani, who just celebrated her 75th birthday, said this is the best job she has ever done. She was not paid; recently she spent a lot of time telling people where to find the bathroom, just last week she worked with her

Author: John Howell (JOHN HOWELL) Where will the spectators sit to watch the football game where the Pilgrims return? It will not appear in the stands. On Wednesday morning, school staff were installing plywood to close the stands in response to a complaint from a parent.

Stacy Capone can host a Halloween party. She did it on that Sunday afternoon, and soon the police, the fire department, and every elected official representing Greenwood, as well as some people, were outside her home on Champaign Avenue. Capone had expected it. Rear

For several weeks, parents and school officials have been worried about whether the bus will operate as planned or whether there will be some form of shutdown. A possible strike is imminent as early as Monday...

Author: JOHN HOWELL These numbers are terrible. According to the statewide trend, the mathematics and English test scores of the third to eighth grades of Warwick School have declined in the past two years, and Warwick lags behind its neighbors. But far from being defeated,

Author: Alex Sponsor Warwick coach legend Francis "Mickey" McGuire was commended by more than 30 former players and their families at the Greenwood Hotel last weekend. McGuire, 94, retired at 78

Author: JOHN HOWELL Go Pictured, Anna Giuliani, who just celebrated her 75th birthday, said this is the best job she has ever done. She was not paid; recently she spent a lot of time telling people where to find the bathroom, just last week she worked with her

The Rhode Island High School Cross Country Championship was held at Bryant University last weekend, and many locals participated in the race. Here are some local results from

The Pilgrims women's volleyball team has overcome some recent adversities and voted for the upcoming third division playoffs. After losing four players for isolation, the club continued to fall...

Last week, the Pilgrims Women’s Football Team celebrated the night of their senior year before the match against Coventry. The team honored not only its predecessors, but also another local. Rowan Shaw, a...

Drunk driving At around 12:43 am on October 9, police officer David Gaulin saw a Jeep Wrangler repeatedly crossing the lane line while driving west on Main Avenue. "have to be aware of is……

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, a Warwick man was convicted of illegally buying and selling 16 guns without a federal license. Ademola Kayode, Jr., 30, was convicted of...

Attorney General Peter Neronia told the Warwick Rotary Club on Thursday, "I want to see what it will look like", and then he is the two largest in the state...

Warwick has signed a $6.5 million tax-free master lease to fund the purchase of major equipment for the fire department, police department, public works and libraries, and the mayor’s office...

On June 20, Donna Wood’s new landlord told her that she must move out on July 1. She said that she lived in an apartment in West Warwick for more than five years without any problems, but afterwards...

Write Rhode Island is an annual short story competition open to all Rhode Island students in grades 7 to 12. This year it will provide virtual and face-to-face seminar opportunities. special…

The 1941-1955 Gorton class will have lunch at Crow's Nest at 288 Arnolds Neck Drive starting at 1pm on Wednesday, November 10th. The choices for lunch are fried scallops, grilled scallops...

On October 19th, Dunkin' held a series of in-store Patriots ticket giveaway activities. At 1678 Post Rd. With Warwick Dunkin's position, Richard Ryan was surprised by the two Patriots home tickets. …

When Warwick resident Katie Nichols was unemployed in 2018, she did two things. She promised her children and herself that she would never be unemployed again, and she attended CCRI. In her time...

The average gasoline price in Rhode Island is up 10 cents from last week, averaging $3.36 per gallon. Monday’s price was 29 cents higher than a month ago and 1.25 US dollars higher than on October 25, 2020. ...

After being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the Warwick Fire Department held its annual Fire Safety Day on Saturday. Hundreds of family and community members who attended received...

In March 2020, staff at the Warwick Public Library were told that they would temporarily work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The physical location is closed, but it didn't prevent...

Although the coming Easter rains and building winds keep some people at home, many elderly people risked the conditions to have fun at the pilgrims' pre-Halloween party on Tuesday...

Closing the parish can be a painful process, including closing a church that has been part of the community for decades-a place where weddings, baptisms and the first communion are held...

To the editor: I would like to thank the planning director Kravitz for joining us at Canyon 1 and Canyon 2 Old Growth Forest in Warwick last week. Arborist Matt Largess was also there, and...

I knew it was Ollie from the steps of the stairs. He jumped into the room. He must have something important to say. He nudged my arm. I looked down at his brown color from the computer screen...

Let the time flow back to the 2018 mayoral campaign. After serving the community for 18 years, Mayor Scott Avedisian left to become President and CEO of the Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority. As...

The Connemick Pumpkin Ghost Festival hosted by the Woodbury United Church Presbyterian Church, the Connemick Village Association and Riverview City has many pumpkins and many adults and children...

The northeasterly wind on Wednesday brought Warwick to a continuous wind speed of 40 mph, with gusts exceeding 55. More than 12,300 Warwick customers lost power during peak blackout periods. State Grid…

According to State Grid spokesperson Ted Kresse, about 2,700 State Grid customers still have power outages in Warwick this morning. At one time there were more than 12,000 Warwick customers...

Eight choir students from Rhode Island chose to perform at the 2021 National Honor Ensemble Virtual Event of the National Music Education Association in January this year. Half of them are...

Last Saturday afternoon, the Pilgrims football team traveled to Johnston and won 14-0 in the key Level III match. This is a defensive battle from beginning to end, and every team is getting bigger...

The leaves may be spinning, the wind may be blowing, the temperature outside may drop, but one of Warwick’s most kept secrets, the Irish in County Cork, is warm and comfortable inside...

sticky. Sweet. Crispy. Licking fingers. Slobber. These are the words to describe the tempting teriyaki chicken wings in China Sea, here are the delicious and tempting Polynesians and...

To reduce children’s exposure to lead and raise awareness of the threat of lead poisoning, US Senator Jack Reid and CCAP, US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Rhode Island Office, Children’s Lead Initiative

Author: BRENDAN SOARES Cranston East Product Lauren Milani As a member of the Central Connecticut State Women's Volleyball team, the freshman movement began to play at home. The former Thunder played an active role for the Blue Devils on the court.

When the Warwick City Council passed the solar decree drafted by the previous government for the first time earlier this summer, they thought it was like most of the decree on the floor...

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Pilgrim The women's football team has once again become one of the top contenders in the fiercely competitive Group I and hopes to make greater progress in the playoffs next month. After winning the first nine league games, including a 1-0 decision

DUI Just before 11:30 pm on October 2nd, Officer Connor Bemis was driving north on Post Road near Airport Road. At that time, the dispatcher informed that a potentially unstable operator was driving west on Airport Road. Bemis observed the problematic vehicle, a gray Honda, because it

The Redistribution Special Committee will hold a meeting at the Rhode Island Community College Student Center on the Knights Campus at 400 East Avenue at 6 pm on Thursday, October 21. exist…

Thrive Behavioral Health has received US$4,280,248 in grant funding to expand behavioral health practices and address the needs of individuals with behavioral health issues in Kent County and Washington County, including minorities and

The Rhode Island Foundation has awarded a grant of $250,000 to purchase thousands of Narcan opioid overdose prevention kits for community-based rehabilitation and harm reduction organizations across the state. A record 384 Rhode Islanders died from drug overdose

Back in the spotlight, the Pilgrim Theater Group, known for writing and producing its own plays to entertain the people of the Pilgrim High Center, returned to meet in person at the center. They are planning to make a drama highlighting the central program

Phillip Kydd has been elected to the Festival Ballet Providence Board of Trustees. Kydd from Warwick has brought to the company many years of executive leadership in government, finance and non-profit organizations. He has held leadership positions at Lifespan,

The children of Plummer can attest that the choice of seasonal blenders is always good. Their Buttonwoods booth offers lemonade, which is popular in summer, or cider, which is popular in autumn. The picture shows Caroline Plummer at the center of her two sisters, Siena and Jack Plummer.

Personal trainer Shane Saurer will provide exercise, balance and vision training at the Warwick Public Library at 2pm on Tuesday, October 26 and November 2, 9 and 16 using the latest principles of neuroscience. Sauer, NCSF certified personal trainer

Face-to-face return and reconstruction Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, after more than a year of virtual service, the important music ministry of Greenwood Church has resumed all programs for all ages. The adult choir of 30 current members seeks

Mayor Frank Picozzi has been invited to the Norwood Neighborhood Association meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, October 27th at 7:00 pm at the Norwood Boys & Girls Club at 43 Frederick Street. this…

Technical All-Star Warwick resident Shany Rajagopalan, senior solution architect of Johnston-based FM Global, one of the world’s largest commercial property insurance companies, will be named a “Technology All-Star” by STEM for Women of Color in 2021 "

Prepare for emergencies In 2019, federal, state, and local agencies have developed plans to collaborate on water search and emergency rescue operations in urban and wilderness areas across the state. Then the epidemic

It is difficult to know where to bite. It's not bigger than a tennis ball, but there are too many shades of red, yellow, and green—a veritable globe that fits my hand perfectly. The skin reflects light. I rubbed the ball on my shirt. It now

To the editor: Once I heard a candidate for the current governor Seth Magaziner raised money for Warwick’s Ward 2 district councilor Jeremy Rix in the past, saying that he understands the use of social media, accessibility to voters, and Rix’s prompt response .

To the editor: What happened to Christopher Columbus? In the 1960s, my teachers at Pontiac Elementary learned about the greatness of Marine Admiral Columbus. They know the importance of imparting cultural heritage to them

To the editor: My friend and colleague Representative Teresa Tanzi recently shared with me a story that emphasizes the extraordinary talents of Warwick’s public safety professionals. On October 3, while Rep. Tanzi and her husband were driving on West Shore Road,

Report from the staff The CCRI Lady Knights volleyball team went to MassBay Community College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, for the final regular season division 21 duel with the Buccaneers. Lady Knights defeated MassBay 3-0: 25-13, 25-15 and 25-9. and

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER After a bad start to the new department, the tollgate women's football team reversed the situation and achieved five consecutive victories late in the regular season, placing itself in the playoffs. Titan has appeared

This fall, the tollgate women’s tennis team has been one of the state’s most kept secrets, as it has won six consecutive victories and has a 12-3 overall record. As of Wednesday, Lady Titans ranked third in the third division standings

On February 20, 2003, at a little over 11 in the evening, Jody King received a call from his younger brother Tracy’s wife, and she asked him to visit Tracy at the station club where he works. She heard...

The Warwick Fire Department will host the annual Fire Safety Day Open Day at Station 8 at 1651 Post Road from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday. Fire Chief Peter McMichael...

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Bishop Hendricken The football team defeated the central part 14-8 in the last-minute drive of quarterback David Lynch and remained unbeaten in the league this fall. Central’s Judah Varfley will score touchdowns and

Author: JOHN HOWELL Due to some intrigues by the Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce and Warwick Police, Confreda Fields turned into a community pre-Halloween party on Friday night, with an estimated 500 children and adults attending. "I worked

Author: JOHN HOWELL Kerry Nardolillo likes to receive mail. "I just like to receive mail. I am a postman," she said in her new office in Warwick City Hall. How she went from opening the mail to the election director of the city, this is a story that began in 2018.

Author: JOHN HOWELL Although the hot real estate market has caused home values ​​to soar, the second district councillor Jeremy Rix is ​​worried that with the revaluation, some residents will be driven out of their homes by taxes. In a recent interview, he said that he is considering increasing

For 26 years, the DeNuccio family has taken "a big step for breast cancer" in all its changing locations. Out of great caution, they walked nearby like last time...

Author: BRENDEN SOARES For the University of Rhode Island women’s football team, this is another season of struggle, but pilgrim alumnus Gabrielle McGowan (Gabrielle McGowan), despite increasing losses, still gave the female anchor one. Boost. The rookie midfielder wasted little time

Mayor to mayor Mayor Frank Picozzi held his second fundraiser since winning election at Chelo's last Thursday, raising more than $20,000. Picozzi is very pleased that former Warwick Mayor and Governor Philip Noel is here, because Noel has a lot of stories to tell

Due to zoonotic diseases found in the shelter, RISPCA will close its shelter on October 9 and will reopen its shelter to the public today. Infected at the time (usually...

Drunk driving Just before 11:30 pm on September 28, Police Officer Keara Enos responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident and injuries at the intersection of East Avenue and Bald Hill Road. At the scene, Enos found that Warwick firefighters were assisting those who had

The new class of the Citizen Police Academy Autumn Course was held at the headquarters on September 30, with more than 20 students in the class. Under the guidance of police officer Dan Magiacomo, the college meets weekly and graduates on December 16. The class will get one

"Condé Nast Traveler" recently announced the results of the Annual Readers' Choice Awards, and Rhode Island TF Green International Airport was named "...

Although thousands of people participated in the annual Boston Marathon during the holiday weekend, Warwick City Councillor Jeremy Rix hosted a marathon of his own. He was in Ward 2 Walked 26.2 miles...

Author: RORY SCHULER Gas station attendant and Korean War veteran Mario Coletta (Mario Coletta) saved a few cents and finally opened his own gas station on the Brown University campus in 1962. There is a cigarette vending machine in a corner of the full service station. sixty

Now 102 William C. Diman, World War II Army Air Corps, P47 fighter pilot with one of his two sons and their extended family celebrated his 102nd birthday on September 18th in Brentwood, where he lives in the Gulf Assisted Living. . Diman served in the U.S. Army on Monday,

Author: ALEX MALM In order to end the state mask regulations in public schools, 35 parents and guardians of Rhode Island have signed a lawsuit against Governor Dan McGee as governor and the official status of the Rhode Island Department of Health

On Friday, Mike Martineau and Dave Glaude wrote a fish story for a fishing team, which provided perfect conditions for launching from the ramp of Passeonkquis Cove. They guide the "boiling" of the blues along with the diving seagulls foraging

A tricky project In preparation for the Lantern and Jack-o-Lantern Night on Wednesday, October 20th from 6 to 8 pm at the Winman Middle School grounds, students have been making lanterns by dipping several strands of yarn into glue and putting them Apply to inflation

CCRI’s Workforce Partnerships Department, in collaboration with Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island and the United States Maritime Resource Center (USMRC), is now accepting applications for its 20-day free training program, which aims to provide basic

Invite potential first-time home buyers to participate in a free virtual seminar on Monday, October 18, entitled "Prepare for Home Buying". The conference will be held through Zoom starting at 5:30 pm, hosted by the Bank of Rhode Island (BankRI) and

To the editor: 19 years ago, I was erroneously imprisoned in Rhode Island for 6.5 years of life imprisonment for murder that I did not commit, except for me...

Note to editors: City council members and the mayor continue to look for ways to improve communication with Warwick residents. We have pledged to change the way the traditional board meetings operate. In my first four years

To the editor: Mayor Picozzi is grateful for his actions in the development of Warwick’s solar energy. He withdrew his support for a proposed regulation (PCO-6-20 sub B) that would open all open space and residential land in Warwick to utility scale

Soon after 5 pm on Saturday, I parked my car at the Courtyard Hotel. Dale said she would meet me in the lounge, and I knew what would happen. She said there is a Starbucks, but it will be closed, but we can find a place to talk.

To the editor: This is a rebuttal to your very oblique and misleading editorial "Freedom of Choice, Not Freedom of Consequences" published on page 11 of the September 30, 2021 edition. I am very worried about you, a hometown newspaper editor, and

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Bishop Hendricken The football team lost a difficult game last Friday night with a score of 2-1, against Moses Brown at home. Despite scoring a goal in the opening minute and leading 1-0 at the halftime break, the Hawks still failed to hold on.

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Toll Gate football team defeated Visit Central Falls/Blackstone Valley Prep 24-8 last Saturday and won their first victory of the season. Zach DeCorpo played a great game for the Titans and completed a touchdown catch in the second game.

Report from the staff The CCRI Cavaliers Men’s Football Team welcomed the Blue Cavaliers from North Essex Community College in Haverhill, Massachusetts to the CCRI Football Stadium in Lincoln City at 3:30 pm on Tuesday.

Author: ALEX MALM On the eve of the contract negotiation meeting between Amalgamated Transit Union Local 618 and First Student, neither union officials nor First Student ruled out the possibility of strikes or work stoppages, depending on the outcome

Author: ALEX MALM The City Council will not consider the establishment of a Warwick solar development standard for at least two weeks, and most likely for a few months. Earlier this summer, the city council passed for the first time

Written by: ALEX SPONSELLER The Toll Gate hockey team won their first victory by defeating Woonsocket 4-1 on Tuesday afternoon. The Titans scored two goals in each half, setting the tone and controlling the rhythm for the entire four quarters. Toll

Paul's Pumpkin Paul Sullivan has worked at Morris Farm for more than 30 years and lost his fight against cancer on August 22. He likes yellow pumpkins. Morris Farm usually has a few yellow pumpkins, but when their shipments this year appeared, nearly 80

Author: JOHN HOWELL Intuition and a phone call seem to save taxpayers millions of dollars while ensuring that residents have reliable reservoirs for the next 20 years or more. After inspecting two water tanks in the city in May,

Cub Scout Pack 4 (Gaspi Plateau) will host a cleanup activity on the Warwick side of the Pawtuxet River Trail from 6:00 pm until dark this afternoon. We will meet near Shaw's woods...

Author: ALEX MALM Last year, the Warwick Police Department held a "Trick or Treat" event at the police headquarters headquarters as a way to give back to the community in a safe way during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sergeant Matthew Moretti with

Pedestrian hit. According to Warwick police, a 62-year-old man was hospitalized after being hit by a car on West Coast Road on Sunday. After receiving the report, the police found the man in the middle of the road near No. 2677 West Bank Road.

Celebrating Paul, the life celebration of Paul Sullivan, who has worked for 30 years at Morris Farm, will be held at Tri-City Elk Lodge on October 15th at 7pm. Sullivan lost the fight against cancer on August 22. Tickets can be purchased

Amy Hanedy, a teacher assistant at Sherman School, was incorrectly cited in the September 30th edition of the Warwick Lighthouse. The comment attributable to her was made by a teacher. The citation has been removed from the online version of the paper. lighthouse

More than half of the 11 items on the agenda of the Warwick City Council meeting on October 4 were not "drafted," which means that the Council cannot hold any debates or...

Brandy new.well, almost the first of two sanitation trucks for sale discovered by the city in Ohio, arrived here on Wednesday. Mayor Frank Picozzi and the Department of Public Works were pleased because they were faced with 15 vehicles. An aging fleet of trucks. yesterday

On Friday morning, when many parents and guardians prepare their children for school, they hope they can take the bus to school as usual. This is not the case...

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Rhode Island’s TF Green International Airport, Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) released its first annual report, which highlights the agency’s recent activities throughout the airport.

Eleven months ago, voters in Warwick elected an independent mayor, the first person in decades to hold the highest electoral position in the city. Frank Picozzi is loyal to the political label he has chosen. He deliberately refrained from enlisting trade unions or trade union support.

Author: LONNIE BARHAM I am a retired military officer. When I was in my twenties, I worked as a local police officer for seven years. You would think that I would support any legislation or government policy that strengthens law enforcement or makes the law more difficult.

To the editor: Gene Nadeau is my friend. I respect him very much and I believe he feels the same for me. What makes it so unique is that he and I rarely (if ever) agree on anything. We sometimes debate for up to two hours, trying to persuade

Note to editor: Last Monday, there was a traffic jam at the intersection of Post Road and Airport Road. At that time, I drove past a group of demonstrators near IHOP, waving the "F---Biden" banner. We can only guess how many pupils there are

To the editor: Congressman Jim Langevin knows what it feels like to be helpless. As a young man, he suffered devastating injuries and almost took his life. For a while, his injury made him helpless like an unborn baby. Fortunately, he survived

To the editor: Why do we need Old Warwick Ave. to be a direct street? Why should we spend money to build a bridge over the creek on Old Warwick Street? No house...

Author: JOHN HOWELL Seven toll gate students were suspended for five days after fighting broke out during a shift near the school office on September 29. The incident resulted in a minor injury to a student and caused the police to step up

Club director Lara D'Antuono said after a speech outside the Norwood branch on Tuesday that the $5,250 after-school grant from the AT&T Foundation will greatly help support the Warwick Boys and Girls Club’s Project Learn. Join her

Showcase Cinemas, a global leader in the film projection industry, recently announced a multi-million dollar refurbishment of its landmark Showcase Cinemas de Lux Warwick on Quaker Lane. The theater is expected to launch its XPlus premium grand

Crossing the stage a year later due to the COVID-19 pandemic, after graduation last year was cancelled, as part of the 2020 graduates of the University of Rhode Island, about 800 students walked across the stage at the Ryan Center last weekend. Warwick residents

In these difficult COVID times, the social atmosphere seems very depressing. Regular social interactions are full of confusion and distractions. Customers can still open the door for incoming customers, but keep it 6 feet long. new

The Gilbert Stewart Road Bridge opens on the last weekend of the season to join the Gilbert Stewart Birthplace and Museum for the 2021 season end weekend from October 8th to 10th. With the opening of the new Gilbert Stewart Road Bridge for single-lane traffic, the museum

The Rhode Island State Council of Arts (RISCA) announced the opening of new art exhibitions in galleries at Block Island and TF Green International Airport in Rhode Island. The gallery is a partner between RISCA and RI Airport

JL "Lynn" Singleton, producer of "Pretty Women: The Musical" and President and CEO of Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC), is pleased to announce that this smash hit musical will be from Providence PPAC began its North American tour.

Report from the staff The CCRI men’s football team held the Cavaliers home opener of the Maine Central Community College Broncos at the CCRI football field in Lincoln on Sunday afternoon,...

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Pilgrim The men's football team started the season strongly, maintaining a 4-1-2 record, and preparing to advance to the playoffs in the second half of the regular season. The Patriots dominate the defensive end

Author: Don Fowler The Broadway musical returns to PPAC. No one is happier than Kyle Taylor Parker. He played the role of a happy man in the musical "Pretty Woman" adapted from a popular film. Seven years ago, when Kyle played Lola, he amazed the PPAC audience

Author: Don Fowler The Broadway musical returns to PPAC. No one is happier than Kyle Taylor Parker. He played the role of a happy man in the musical "Pretty Woman" adapted from a popular film. Seven years ago, when Kyle played Lola, he amazed the PPAC audience

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The undefeated Pilgrims football team defeated the visit to North Smithfield/Mount St. Charles last week 55-13, raising its overall record to 4-0 this fall. Pilgrim quarterback Connor Widmer (Connor Widmer) is breaking out

On Monday night, the Warwick City Council approved three appointments to the District Review Committee. But the appointment is not without debate on how the procedure should work...

Author: JOHN HOWELL Have you ever thought about what you are landing on with the roar of the jet's reverse thrust when you feel the wheels hit the ground? Duc Nguyen, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Rhode Island Airport Company, knows clearly

Author: ALEX MALM While piloting a new automatic license plate reader pilot project in Cranston, one of the cameras was accidentally installed on the Warwick side of the village of Pawtuxet. This has made many community members curious about them. Warwick Hotel

By: JOHN HOWELL On Thursday, the students of Sherman Elementary School (more than 300 of them) started their first day of face-to-face classes at the former Gordon Junior High School. The transition is not without problems,

When Elizabeth Dunton submitted a photo commemorating the 65th anniversary of her parents’ marriage, there were several lines detailing the number of children and grandchildren. Of course, there are many more to this story. We asked, this is

"The opening night of the Halloween exhibition is 6:30 pm this Friday, and we will once again raise funds for the Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund," read the text. I immediately knew that Danny Hall and his wife Bethany didn’t just put a few pumpkins

Author: Don Fowler The Broadway musical returns to PPAC. No one is happier than Kyle Taylor Parker. He played the role of a happy man in the musical "Pretty Woman" adapted from a popular film. Seven years ago, when Kyle played Lola, he amazed the PPAC audience

When I heard my name from the front desk, I knew what he was thinking. He can see me, so he knows that I am there, but Gene Nadeau has never been invited into the newsroom. I will wave my hand to let him come over with Gene from my chair

Where is the treasure? This is most likely a question raised by Oakland Beach students during a visit to the school library earlier this week, because there is a 4 to 5 foot deep ditch running through the room and a large mountain. this

Drunk driving At around 2 am on September 12, police officer Jake Reddy reported a motor vehicle accident to the underpass of Centerville Road on Bald Hill Road. At the scene, another police officer was talking with the operator of the vehicle involved,

Classrooms almost prepared for children, the classrooms that once accommodated high school and junior high school students will soon become the temporary residence of Sherman School. 17 rooms converted into administrative offices in Gorton's junior high school

The Bank of Rhode Island (BankRI) provided charitable grants totaling $64,150 to 22 local non-profit organizations. The funding focuses on supporting human services, education, and health programs, and will affect residents across the state through grants

Author: JOHN HOWELL From the day Integrated Community Action opened the Everett C. Wilcox Family Health Center in 2005, Joanne McGunagle, executive director of CCAP, believed that they would be squeezed into space. She is right, now with the acquisition

The annual Conimicut Village Yard Sale The annual Conimicut Village Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, September 25 from 8:30 to 3 pm (rainy day, September 26). More than 30 families in the village participated. The map will be on Thursday

With about a year before the state governor’s primary election, the political season in Rhode Island has officially begun. We know that Democratic candidates include Secretary of the Treasury Seth Magaziner, Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea and former Secretary of State

When I heard my name from the front desk, I knew what he was thinking. He can see me, so he knows that I am there, but Gene Nadeau has never been invited into the newsroom. I will wave my hand to let him come over with Gene from my chair

Note to editors: We would like to express our support for the Bayside Sewer project. We have been waiting for many years to be able to connect to the urban sewer system, and we are very happy that this project has finally started. We thank our efforts

To the editor: I attended a meeting on the sewer on the evening of Thursday, September 16. This meeting is fake. Our mayor should convene this meeting before signing the consent form. When I said this to him, his answer was that he did it. If he did we

To the editor: If anyone is responsible for the Bayside sewer construction, it is me. During my tenure at the Warwick City Council, I proposed the issuance of US$130 million in bonds in 1994, co-sponsored by Congressman Al Gemma. At that time of the year, someone proposes to issue bonds

Friends of Warwick Animal Shelter will host the 14th Annual Pet Walk, Animal Blessing and Costume Competition on the beach of Warwick City Park on Sanctuary Avenue on Saturday, October 2nd...

The Genesis of the Friends of Gorton Pond group held their inaugural event on Saturday, including cleanup, registration and investigation. Organizer Kristen Kellerman was encouraged by the turnout rate and reported that all those who participated in the survey were in favor of reopening the pond

For more than 30 years, Warwick resident David Romano has been working in the film and television industry, and recently served as a key player. But something happened this week, he is not...

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Johnston football team defeated the visiting toll booth with a score of 32-8 last week, and won the second consecutive game after beating Lincoln in the previous game. Johnston's offense was victorious, scoring five touchdowns

Author: PETE FontAINE It would be an understatement to say that the Three Cities Elks took a page from the famous Golf Masters Tournament. First, a 15-person all-volunteer committee of members from Lodge 14 in Warwick worked

Author: ALEX MALM Earlier this year, when Steve McAllister was elected by his colleagues as chairman of the city council, he challenged them, asking them to "make the council more welcoming to citizens and find increased communities Methods of Participation", City Councillor

Author: PETE FontAINE One of the oldest non-profit organizations in the state-Rhode Island Antique Fire Protection Installation-has two missions at this Sunday's annual fire engine show. First of all, there will be a lot of past fire fighting equipment on display here

Five Warwick organizations have been nominated as winners of the RI Cultural, Humanities and Arts Recovery Grant (RI CHARG) program, a historic partnership between the State Department of Arts (RISCA) and the Rhode Island State Assembly

Internationally renowned bop player Greg Abate’s concert will be held at the Warwick Public Library on Sunday, October 3 at 2 pm. The performance will feature Bebop classics and jazz standards, with Greg Abate playing saxophone and Flute, played by Kent Hewitt

Last Friday, Hendricken’s students were able to gather information and meet representatives from 112 colleges and universities across the country without leaving the campus. Cancelled last year because of the pandemic

Polishing Saturday, five volunteers from the Conimicut Village Association met at the corner of West Coast Road and Beach Avenue to provide Donovan Park with some much-needed TLC. They brought rakes, weeding tools, tulle and brooms

Author: Pastor ALEX MALM Sam Chesser began serving as the pastor of Warwick Central Baptist Church on February 1, but as with most things during the pandemic, his installation service was shelved. He said it would happen under normal circumstances

Author: ALEX MALM The reserve team is on the way, they may arrive next week. On Monday, the city council approved a $579,200 expenditure for the purchase of two sanitation trucks from Ohio. This will increase the city’s operational truck fleet to

Written by: JOHN HOWELL The City Council will consider a pay increase contract for police and municipal employees over the next three years at a special meeting in the Council Chamber at 5 pm on Tuesday. The police and municipal employee contracts are in

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Bishop Hendricken The football team defeated Visit Cranston East with a score of 45-0 in the team's home opener last Friday. Hendrickan’s special team stole the show in the victory, Peter Bibby and Joel Felix’s feedback

In the past few months, members of the Warwick Public School Management Department have been collaborating with Balanced Rock Energy as they explored the feasibility of renting out space on school property to solar energy...

By: JOHN HOWELL Vincent Gebhart was not postponed by a phone call 10 minutes after the start of Sunday's game between the Patriots and the Jets. He said, of course, he had time to visit the Dawley Farm property that the city bought for open space in 1999. "How about meeting at 2:30? He called back

Author: John Howell Mayor Frank Picozzi refused to tell some 60 Bayside residents what they wanted to hear: After a delay of 20 years, he will stop building sewers for 935 homes plan. In what must be the most

Author: ALEX MALM Among the 16,000 semifinalists in the annual National Merit Scholarship Program, only one is from Warwick. Sydney Randall, a senior at Tollgate High School, said she was "very surprised" when she was called into the principal's office last week.

The Pilgrim women's tennis team had a strong start this fall, defeating visiting Scituate 5-1 last week. Mia Gustafson, Grace Schenck and Hailey Link all won singles victories for Pilgrim. Pilgrims Doubles Madison

To the editor: I recently learned that the city council (and the mayor?) decided not to allow the public to participate in council meetings through Zoom. I was very disappointed. I naively thought that our public officials would welcome the public

DUI Just before 12:30 am on September 6, police officer David Babcock and other police officers received a report at Taco Bell at 877 Tushan Road that two men were in a vehicle on the Driveway route Fell asleep in. Officer Tyler Luiz arrived at the scene and found two people

At the request of the mayor, the city council is not expected to consider revising the solar energy regulations when it meets on Monday. City Council Chairman Steve McAllister said on Wednesday that he would take action to keep the decree until the second meeting in October, so that

Rhode Island at the Pawtuxet Harvest Festival On Sunday, September 19, from 11 am to 4 pm, Rhode Island will host the 2021 Harvest Festival. The event will feature local artisans and suppliers, live music, children’s activities, Penny Socials, sweepstakes,

Author: JOHN HOWELL Images are powerful. Lucas Murray knew this. When you see something, it is easier to understand. This is part of what makes Murray a planner. Shortly after being appointed as one of Warwick’s main planners in 2018, Murray’s mission was to

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) has initiated a project to reduce the impact of rainwater runoff from Warwick Avenue into Buckeye Creek, an important tributary of Narragansett...

A little trembling? Robert Baggesen, a resident of Church Avenue, has no other explanation, except for the shock that slightly shook parts of the state on September 1 due to a hole in his backyard. Bagson said he did some work in the yard

Rhode Island TF Green International Airport (PVD) was selected as one of the three domestic airports in the Travel Leisure 2021 World Best Awards Reader Survey This is

Recognizing first responders Before the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 incident, in order to recognize first responders, Hoxsie School's fourth and fifth grade students paid tribute to Warwick police and firefighters on Friday. After summarizing what

Since 2006, Christine Kellerman has lived across the street from Gorton Pond. Since then, she said that the area has "let go" physically, especially after swimming...

Part of Rocky Point On Monday morning, the Rocky Point amusement park keeper's house was razed to the ground. "Since the previous guard vacated the house, DEM has been planning this demolition because it has exceeded its useful life and

Author: JOHN HOWELL Carlos Capacho and his wife Hanna Noh aim to build a community through music. He is from Venezuela. She is from South Korea. They met at the Berkeley Conservatory of Music in Boston nine years ago, where they received their undergraduate and master’s degrees

Animals make some of the best stories. I did not expect that Sunday morning. I checked the kitchen clock. It's 6 o'clock to visit Bill and Irene Donahay who live on Cole Farm, and it's not too early. Usually I arrive once or twice from the bay

Kick-off for Leo's Comprehensive Community Action Plan (CCAP) Charity Golf Tournament Chips were held at Harbor View on Wednesday, which raised more than $70,000 for the organization and was renamed the late Leo Beliveau this year. Leo, he was in April

The Mayor of the Patriotic Show, Frank Picozzi, transformed the section of Post Road in front of the City Hall into a flag avenue before 9-11. Picozzi bought flags and materials to display them from everyone in the village.

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Toll Gate football team is preparing to start the regular season against Johnston this week, and hope to make some noise in the new division. As part of a statewide adjustment, the Titans have been upgraded from Tier IV to

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Johnston Volleyball team defeated the visiting toll booth in three sets last week and recovered from a difficult loss on the opening day. The Panthers won by 25-15, 25-15 and 25-17. Johnston lost 3-1 to Exeter-West Greenwich

Author: ALEX MALM attending Holliman Elementary School with her family, kindergarten teacher Jessica Bonneau was named the Warwick School Department Teacher of the Year at the school committee meeting on Tuesday. School district per year

Author: JOHN HOWELL As part of the city's efforts to deal with the aging sanitation truck fleet and lack of repair parts, it is expected that there will be fewer green and blue recycling bins on the street. In automated calls, emails, and social media posts, Mayor Frank

Author: JOHN HOWELL Parents, teachers and even a few students attended the meeting held at the Veterans Middle School on September 8 to learn about the plans of the Sherman School, which was not open due to the presence of mold. Concerns are focused on how long it may last

Author: JOHN HOWELL Those who know the community predict that there will be a large number of opponents when the Warwick Sewer Authority holds a public hearing on the Bayside Sewer Project at City Hall at 5pm this evening. However, the 5th district councillor Ed

Author: John Howell Twenty years ago, when U.S. Flight 11 hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center, Gregory Chalet was sitting in the dentist's chair. Former Mayor Scott Avedisian is attending the board meeting of the Rhode Island City and Town Alliance.

To the editor: On the 20th anniversary of that terrible day on Saturday, I think many of us want to do something personal to commemorate all the victims. I clearly remember that in the days that followed,

Discover wonderful readings while enjoying pastries and coffee at the Warwick Public Library at 10 am on Thursday, September 16th. The book breakfast focuses on new and noteworthy titles that you may not know but you definitely want to pick up. join in

Warwick Mall and Apple Cinemas announced on Wednesday that they will open "a new and unparalleled cinematic experience" in the mall this fall. The state-of-the-art cinema will provide a luxurious experience for Rhode Islanders and Southern New Englanders

Author: JOHN HOWELL Some things are unexpected and very popular. It can be said that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the United States Department of Homeland Security provided the fire department with a $899,392 aerial ladder truck and a $100,606.61 grant.

RIDOH, The Wellness Company, and Warwick Public Schools will provide four COVID-19 vaccination clinics for people 16 years and older and teenagers between 12 and 15 years old, and will be managed by parents, legal guardians, or other people 16 or older. Personal escort. insurance

Water, everywhere on the water The heavy rain on Thursday, the remnants of Hurricane Ida, brought up to 9.8 inches of rain to some areas of the state. Warwick’s floods were relatively small. The park school was forced to close due to flooding

To the editor: I just read one hundred articles about Warwick firefighters using or suspected of abusing their employment contracts. Talk about building a mountain from a small hill! In my opinion, this question is exaggerated. this

To the editor: It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has devastating effects on small businesses in Rhode Island. As Sam’s New York system and our other friends in the small business community begin the long recovery process, I want to thank Rod

Note to editors: I live on Cady Avenue in Riverview and I am one of hundreds of homeowners who strongly oppose the sewer. First, we were told that if any Indian artifacts are found as a result of the excavation, they will stop

Wilhelmus van Haaren (Wilhelmus van Haaren) was 10 years old when the Second World War began, when the Japanese controlled the Dutch East Indies and the "Oriental Paris" city of Bandung on the island...

Labor Day love Kevin Banach (Kevin Banach) lives not far from Conimicut Point, and his canine partner Gigi goes to the beach three or four times a week, where they scout for trash. He said that each of him has at least one plastic shopping bag

The legal battle to open a for-profit rehabilitation center in Johnston continues. Encompass Health has appealed the decision of the State Hearing Officer, which rejected the Certificate of Need (CON) issued by the Department of Health

Throughout the history of our country, the people of Rhode Island have been called upon to defend the principles on which our great nation was founded. They did so honorably and bravely, and recently ensured U.S. homeland security

Author: ARDEN BASTIA For 30 years, postman Charlie Donovan has provided birthday cards, bills, car payments and newspapers to families and businesses in the Hillsgrove community near Post Road. But Donovan offers much more than that

Amazon plans to build the undeveloped forest portion of the facility in Johnston to generate $60,084 in annual taxes for the town. After the "new and most advanced Amazon robot sortable distribution center" was built and opened,

All the way from Arkansas, Bella was just a puppy when she arrived at Cardi's house on Highway 2 at 12:17 on a dark February morning. She and some other dogs were on a long-distance trip from Arkansas arranged by Arkapaws Rescue. Dog who owns everything

VFW Post will be dedicated to commemorate Sgt. Adam DeCiccio invited the public to participate in the rededication ceremony of VFW Post 272 on West Shore Road in the Conimicut Center. Adam S. DeCiccio Warwick Memorial Post 272 this Saturday at 1:00 pm

Author: Brooke Lawrence those years ago. My teammates and I played a small part in dealing with the darkest moments of our country. We were deployed to Manhattan to provide field hospitals at various points around the "pile". Although we have many, many

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Pilgrim The women's football team was one of the biggest surprises last fall, when it advanced from the second division to the state championship game against La Salle. Although the Lady Pats lost to some key parts of their team last time

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Pilgrim and the Toll Gate Boys Football Team started their season this week and faced off at the injury fund exhibition last week. Pats will bring home the victory. The Pilgrims are emerging from another playoff game because it arrived

Author: John Howell Warwick Fire Staff Union Chairman Michael Correro said that none of the members of the fire department received excess unused sick leave allowance and it was time to move on. Mayor Frank Picozzi is handing over the matter to the city government

The non-stop gardener Minnie's Goat Coach stopped on a clearing on Terrace Avenue in Conimicut, and its 17 quadruped riders began to work, chewing on everything they could bite. Wayne Pitman lives with him on the bus

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER At the team injury fund exhibition last Friday night, the Pilgrims football team defeated East Greenwich by a score of 28-27. The Avengers will lead 13-0, but the Pilgrims will get two rushes

Author: JOHN HOWELL Although the test found that the Sherman School's mold removal efforts were successful, the school administration did not hold any hope and hope to relocate all 320 students, faculty and staff to the former Gordon Middle School in Draper

The public is invited to attend a memorial service held at the 9-11 Memorial Garden in Auckland Beach Commons, Warwick, to commemorate the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. "On this 20th anniversary, we still feel the tingling

The school is ready. With donations from Greenwood Credit Union, Capital Wealth Management and Ocean State Job Lot, Thrive Behavioral Health was able to distribute backpacks filled with school supplies to Youth &

Wholeheartedly support the City Council's unanimous approval of the district change on Monday night, enabling Warwick's Centerville Builders to continue planning for the construction of 10 duplex-style single-storey apartments on 3.3 acres of 686 Sandy Lane. 20 each

This fall, the Providence Animal Rescue Alliance (PARL) will launch a month-long peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to encourage supporters to make progress towards the goal of promoting paws: progress of paws! The funds raised are directly used to realize PARC

DUI Just before 1:30 a.m. on August 14, when police officers Joseph DiIorio and Michael Bailey were on a drunk driving law enforcement patrol on Post Road near Lincoln Avenue, they observed a 2015 Nissan Versa. "We observed that the vehicle almost hit

Author: JOHN HOWELL Although research has shown that sand pond water is one of the cleanest ponds in the state, the results of Monday's District Review Committee meeting are still ambiguous. That’s because the board of directors voted in favor of the city’s lawyer David Petrarca’s suggestion

City Council Chairman Steve McAllister plans to hold a special city council meeting in the Council Chamber at 5 pm on September 28 to discuss the interim agreement with the Warwick Brotherhood police and municipal employees. Contract agreement to take action

The preparation course for naturalized citizens of the United States will start on September 25th at the Warwick Public Library. Participants will practice vocabulary, learn necessary citizenship content, and use the N-400 application form to learn interview techniques.

Author: JOHN HOWELL Hendricken did not proceed as planned. This is good news. The school expects to enroll 140 and 30 eighth grade students this year. But as of Monday, the number of freshman classes has increased to 150, and the number of eighth-grade students is 42. Main

Unlike most school cafeterias, they do not plan to provide a lounge for middle school students in the Veterans Memorial, although the cafeteria will have high tables and chairs in addition to the new ordinary chairs. "We will have a lot of chairs and tables,"

Although ordinary voters may not spend much time thinking about re-division of electoral districts - the process of dividing and re-division of legislative districts based on factors such as population fluctuations and changing community demographics - they are still a

Sometimes there is no choice but to wait patiently. The person behind me doesn't think so. He first beeps politely. I looked in the rearview mirror. He drives a new type of car. The paint is weathered. His bumper is about to hit

To the editor: No, I think that $16,900 is unfair to people who just want to live in their own home and work hard alone ("The contractor approved the $17.9 million Bayside sewer project", p. 1) . Nothing they did about it

To the editor: After working in the school system for three years, I realized this moment. School committee meeting? who knows? The absolute best decision...

A week postponed by Tropical Storm Henry, Save Sand Pond held their Pond Palooza on Sunday to support their cause to prevent the construction of a self-storage facility of 630 units overlooking the pond at Pond Plaza on Post Road. Chloe,

The Rhode Island Foundation provides more than $100,000 in grants to non-profit organizations that serve the black community, especially organizations that have significant black representatives on their employees and boards. Application deadline

The start date of the Mold Vandal Sherman School has been postponed to September 8th to allow staff to clear the school’s ventilation system that did not open during this unusually humid summer. Cleanup, performed by Alliance and Single

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER After a difficult start to the 2020 season, the tollgate women's football team will catch fire and win the last five games, and defeat Narragansett 3-1 to bring home the third division state championship. The Titans are back

By: ALEX SPONSELLER Local boxing legend Jaime "Hurricane" Clampitt was recently inducted into the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Clampitt from Saskatchewan, Canada ended her career with a record result

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Rhode Islanders like to show off their sports teams, their special careers, their state and their universities, so it’s no wonder that the legislators approve

Author: John Howell The Great Secret is happening. After being commissioned by the Warwick City Council for more than three years, the firefighter’s sick pay is being audited and it is claimed that firefighters are using it to defraud the city of thousands of dollars

Wearing masks to return to class Except for six schools that are still being renovated or Sherman School is cleaning up mold, students in Warwick have returned to class yesterday. Mayor Frank Picozzi joined by the school committee

Author: John Howell Seven sanitation trucks were out of service. Two to three months before the delivery of the two new trucks, Mayor Frank Picozzi faced one of the biggest challenges facing his government—how to maintain Garbage collected every week

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Bishop Hendricken The football team defeated La Salle in the spring and won its 10th championship in 11 years. The Eagles have recently resumed work and will compete in this week's championship rematch.

Author: John Howell Mayor Frank Picozzi (Frank Picozzi) informed 935 owners collectively known as Bayside on Monday that the sewer construction promised decades ago will begin this year. More importantly, Picozzi locked one in the evaluation

Author: ARDEN BASTIA In 2013, after a series of business trips, Liz Duggan found that he had too many hotel toiletries and amenities. Not sure what to do with the excess shampoo and shower gel, she donated the amenities to the shelter and found

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Pilgrim Senior Center Event Face-to-face activities are back to Pilgrim Senior Center! Please refer to the schedule below for courses, seminars, etc. For a detailed description of the course, please visit

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Rhode Island Senior Softball League is back this summer and has enjoyed another season in the process of returning to normal. Due to the pandemic, the league started late last season and had to make up classes.

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Warwick Fire Fighters Soccer Club spent a summer full of fun and is preparing for the fall entertainment project that will start in just a few weeks. For the club, it was a busy August because it sent multiple teams to

Stolen Vehicle At around 8:30 pm on August 3, Officer Connor Bemis and other officers went to Post Road and Natick Avenue to report the theft of the motor vehicle. Bemis reports that the owner is tracking its location

Responding to market demand Lawyer K. Joseph Shekarchi said in simple words. "There is a surplus of office space and a shortage of housing." Apparently, the planning committee agreed with Shekarchi's assessment. On August 11, the board of directors awarded the master plan

Author: ARDEN BASTIA "I am not a glioblastoma. My name is Paul Bayne and I have glioblastoma. I will not let this disease define me." Paul Bayne leads an extraordinary life. Bain was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer in 2017 and refused to be defined as

Author: PETE FontAINE Last Thursday, the weather for the elderly was not cooperative at all for the Rhode Island Elk Association. However, the morning rain-which continued into the afternoon-did not inhibit the spirit and strength of countless volunteers.

Eleven years of hard work by Jay and Jessica Case, natives of Rhode Island, finally paid off. In June, they opened the Presto Strange O cafe near their Warwick Neck,...

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Warwick Peter and Judith Dietrich celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on August 26th. They got married in the Central Presbyterian Church in the beautiful village of New Jersey. Their two children, Marta and Jonathan (Tisa), are four years old

Author: ERICA MacKNIGHT Tutor RI is looking for volunteer tutors for the 2021-2022 school year. The program started in 1990 to match Warwick students with volunteers from the community who have been screened and trained to serve as mentors. Joan

"Really calm down. I want to take Ollie out for a walk," Carol announced. She is right. The sun is about to come out, and the sky is already bright. "It may be the eye of the storm," I warned. "I knew you would say that," she replied. she

Author: MICHAEL LEACH Many Americans choose to get rid of the fear of COVID, but as Delta Variant spreads, they still take preventive measures. University campuses are returning to school, and COVID will become a concern for some people. However, what to worry about

To the editor: Living in the Northeast, I have learned something. One of them is when there is a storm warning, you buy bread, milk and eggs. (Does everyone make toast for breakfast?) The gasoline in the car, the propane in the fuel tank, the groceries in the refrigerator,

Author: ALEX sponsor Warwick native and recent LaSalle College graduate Elayna Comella performed well in the A Shot For Life Challenge held in Newport this month. A Shot For Life is a fundraising company that raises funds for brain cancer research,

Author: JOHN HOWELL Will the forensic audit of firefighters' sick pay, as Rob Cote put it, reveal a "conspiracy to defraud the city," or will it show that a large number of firefighters collect payments within the scope of the contract? On Tuesday, Mayor Frank Picozzi (Frank Picozzi)

Author: JOHN HOWELL No one complained, but when Henry knocked on the door on Sunday, he was out of breath. When his target is Block Island, his target path is a Category 1 hurricane, and his eyes can see Narragansett Bay. With a continuous wind speed of 70 mph

Author: JOHN HOWELL The residents of Massasoit Terrace knew that they could not resist Mother Nature, but they did not shrink from saving Sand Pond. Considering Hurricane Henry, the rescue sand pool team postponed Sunday’s pond Palooza, an aquatic and

Author: ARDEN BASTIA As parents, teachers and students prepare for the new school year, District Supervisor Lynn Dambruch and Assistant Supervisor William McCaffrey shared details of the 2021-2022 school year before the school committee meeting on Wednesday.

Author: JARED GUSTAFSON From the mother of two children, to the first deputy majority leader of the Rhode Island Senate, to the adoption of a Korean dog, Gloria Kennedy, who has lived in Warwick for a long time, is now a Warwick radio podcast. Host, provided by Warwick Broadcasting Corporation

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Liam Trudeau has liked landscaping since he could walk. Combining community service and his passion for lawn care, Liam is participating in the 50-yard challenge, which is a project from raising male and female lawn care services to encourage children

Police log Warwick man sentenced to 4 years for domestic felony assault. Attorney General Peter F. Neronia announced last week that a Warwick man was sentenced in the Kent High Court...

SHARE registration for the 38th annual Ben Boyle and Ron Kostyla Golf Classic is now open. The event will be held at the Richmond Country Club on Sunday, August 29, kick-off at 8 am...

Mott & Chace Sotheby's International Realty announced the sale of 293 Grand View Drive for USD 1,400,000. The seller is represented by Amy I. Doorley-Lucas,...

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, K. Joseph Shekarchi, recently announced the appointment of members of a special legislative committee that will study the issue of public access to the coastline based on legislation initiated and passed by Congressman Terri Cortvriend.

We Make RI, an organization that provides free manufacturing training, holds a series of job fairs in its office at 200 First Avenue in Cranston from 11 am to 12 pm every Thursday. this…

I have a new friend. I just haven't named her yet. It must be her that she has her own ideas. She is a four-legged animal; although I am not sure whether the wheel meets the requirements of the foot. She is about the size of a pillow, but she is not cute, nor can she float or swim. However, there are

By: John Howell Colonel Bradford Connor addressed a friendly audience at a publicity ceremony held at Warwick City Hall on August 10. Six officers and five trainee officers were seen at the meeting. This is not surprising, but Connor also talked about the larger

This requires advertising. How to wash the car in the middle of the Apponaug circulator? When motorists found the car wash point, they had gone beyond the fork in the road, and they had to go through several roundabouts to return. Toll gate girl

Ms. Leader On Monday, August 16, Morgan Nathan, the New Eagle Scout, presided over the city council meeting in the pledge of allegiance. Nathan from 77 Buttonwoods is one of the few young women in the country who formed the first female eagle class

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Hope House Echo Village is a year-long project. After elected officials and South Providence residents loudly opposed the project at a community meeting on July 22, the project returned to its original point. Laura Jaworski,

French, Buchanan received JWU honors Johnson & Johnson and University of Wales (JWU) student, Warwick’s Ian French, Business School’s Advertising and Marketing Communications major, Warwick’s Haley Buchanan, John Hesse White’s Criminal Justice major

For the editor, I would like to commend and thank Mayor Picozzi for his actions by implementing a large and appropriate Anglo-Western logo at Conimicut Point. As a lifetime...

To the editor, when we need James C. Sheehan, where is he? You may remember that it was during the second impeachment of Trump that then Senator James C. Sheehan enthusiastically wrote about the need to protect our Constitution. About Mr. Trump, he

For editors, there is a problem that most people are not familiar with, but if you ignore it, it may have a serious negative impact on our community. This problem is the widespread use of wireless devices. People may generally think

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Food Truck at Roger Williams Park Friday, August 20th, start the weekend with a food truck at Carousel Village in Roger Williams Park. From 5pm to 8pm, you can enjoy more than 15 locally owned food trucks while listening to live music.

Author: ARDEN BASTIA In response to parents’ anger and concerns about student safety, the school committee voted last Tuesday to reduce the walking distance of Warwick students. Under the new policy, students from kindergarten to fifth grade must be

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Warwick Boys and Girls Club will return to the green at the 43rd Annual Golf Championship at Warwick Country Club on Monday, September 20th. In an interview on Tuesday, development director Eleanor Acton shared

By ALEX SPONSELLER The Flood Ford Auto Connie Mack baseball team lost to South Kingstown-Narragansett in three games in the state semifinals last week. Flood Ford won the first game with a score of 8-2. Chris Manzo won on the mound, and Keith Dagno

Author: ALEX sponsor Warwick North Little League Softball 12's went to Bristol, Connecticut to compete in the Minor League Regional Championship after winning the state championship last month. The girls fell in the first two matches of the doubles

Author: JOHN HOWELL On December 18, 2018, a 30-inch pipe (the main source of urban water supply) ruptured at the intersection of Highway 95 and Highway 37. Since then, the city has relied on engineers with foresight to install bypasses for such events. now

By: ANNELISE DEMERS The five-month delay did not stop the Gaspi Day Committee; their annual arts and crafts festival will return on September 11th and 12th. In January 2021, the committee is not sure if they can hold this festival, but they seem to

Author: JOHN HOWELL Based on the number of car accidents as of yesterday-1,814-Warwick predicts that there will be more than 3,500 accidents by the end of the year, an average of about 10 per day. The goal of Warwick Police is to reduce the numbers. The severity of

Author: JOHN HOWELL This is a good time to escape the summer heat in Greenwich Bay on Saturday, a good time to reunite with your family and cool off. This may be a disaster, and it may cause many deaths. On the contrary, a 12-year-old’s quick action and

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Not every day a limousine takes you home from the hospital, but Cole Robinson will go home in a stylish way on Thursday. After battling acute lymphoblasts, Cole was escorted to Hasbro Children's Hospital for the final treatment on Thursday.

Drunk driving Just after 9:30 pm on July 29, officers Nathaniel Gray and Randy Bell reported to the 1350 Bald Hill Road area of ​​a driver who might be drunk. report. The reporter described the vehicle involved as a 2020 Cadillac and New York

By: JARED GUSTAFSON Rhode Island has become a hot spot for home buyers outside the state. The four seasons and waterfront properties of Rhode Island attract many out-of-state buyers. "The secret is out, Rhode Island has been discovered in the past year

The average gasoline price in Rhode Island was up 1 cent from last week, averaging $3.06 per gallon. The price on Tuesday was 3 cents higher than a month ago and 92 cents higher than August 10, 2020. The average gasoline price in Rhode Island is 12 cents lower than the national price

Author: ARDEN BASTIA The Auckland Beach Association meets tonight. The Auckland Beach Association will meet tonight at the Boys and Girls Club at 340 Beach Avenue (side entrance) in Auckland at 6:30 pm on August 12th. The guest will be Warwick Police Chief Brad Connor.

Jared Gustafson (JARED GUSTAFSON) Despite being the state's third largest city, Warwick has ranked 20th in the state in the number of COVID cases per 100,000 people since the beginning of the pandemic . However, according to the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH),

By: JARED GUSTAFSON Friends of Warwick Ponds (FOWPS) will hold a meeting in the small meeting room of the Warwick Public Library on August 18 at 6 pm. Phil D'Ercole, FOWPS coordinator, said: "You will not miss it, there will be FOWPS banners hanging

Warwick School will hold the 2021 Summer Graduation Ceremony at the Robert J. Shapiro Cultural Arts Center on Wednesday, August 25th at 9 am, Tollgate High School, 575 Centerville Road, Warwick. This ceremony will commend all

Author: ARDEN BASTIA We Share Hope is a new non-profit organization that is changing the way it collects food donations, thanks to local volunteers such as Gena Gambuto of Warwick. We Share Hope launched a new program in early July to allow local residents to

Author: LINDA HUGHES Last week, nine disabled students participated in a program designed to help them transition easily into adulthood. The new executive director of the Ocean State Independent Living Center, Mireille Sayaf, was recently established

The Rhode Island Public Expenditure Commission (RIPEC) is looking for nominees for its upcoming public service awards. The Robert M. Goodrich Outstanding Public Service Award recognizes an outstanding local employee, and Gary S. Sasse

Chapter 210 of the American Association of Retired Persons is conducting a series of field trips. The first time was a buffet lunch at Newport Playhouse & Cabaret on Thursday, September 16, and then...

At some point, I think we all have a sense of being watched. Someone is following our every move, even though they are not visible. I felt it walking in the woods, walking on the water. In both cases, I’m likely to be

Author: JANE KENNEY AUSTIN The effects of climate change are all around us—on sultry days, distant wildfires make the sky hazy, erode the beach, and tides rise. Floods and droughts alternately make rainwater and drinking water systems strained.

To the editor: Currently, our daily lives are affected by fatal shootings, random beatings, unruly passengers, road rage, rude public behavior, and resentment towards our country’s national flag and heritage. We are now tending to lower the standard of living, which

To the editor: Warwick residents, let me ask you a question. What will raise your blood pressure? When your vision is difficult to concentrate and your body temperature rises by 10 degrees, what raises it by 20 to 30 points? Is it looking out of your window

Pilgrim High School received the honor in the fourth quarter. The following students received honors: High honors for freshmen: Avery Adams, Ariana Ayriyan, Ryan Kenneth Barlow, Nicole E. Blanton, Madison Lynn Boscia, Braxton Logan Bragg, Dante Antonio

Rhode Island Community College will reopen its dental hygiene clinics to the public for free during the fall semester of 2021 beginning September 1. The Dental Hygiene Clinic is held at CCRI's Flanagan campus in Lincoln, which is a learning environment for dentistry.

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER After winning the Rhode Island state championship last month, the 13-year-old Babe Ruth baseball team of Warwick PAL headed north to Westfield, Massachusetts to compete in the regional competition. The team performed well, beating some of the best players 3-2

The staff reported that the Flood Ford Auto Connie Mack baseball team won the 10th and 11th consecutive times. They defeated East Greenwich in two games and advanced to this week’s state semifinals against Narragansett-South Kingstown. . Flood Ford wins the first game

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER After defeating R&R Construction in the first round of three games, the top seed Warwick Tree Post US Legion Youth Team fell to the Upper Deck in two semi-final games and was eliminated from the playoffs. "This is a very

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Only a few weeks before school starts, Warwick’s parents urge the school committee and administrators to let parents choose to wear masks for their students. Regional policy, unchanged since it was adopted

Author: John Howell Ged Carbone of Warwick Neck decided last week to extend his community’s walking range to include some wooded trails on the Meadow View bike and walking trail, hoping to find a lost dog. Instead, he encountered a camp, which included a

Author: JARED GUSTAFSON Former Maine resident, Pete Mertz is one of many people attracted by the quality of life here. Due to a job transfer, Mertz and his wife moved to Buttonwoods in June 2019. They used to live in northern Portland, Maine

Author: JOHN HOWELL On Friday afternoon, in the office of Mayor Frank Picozzi, Tom Kravitz, as the planner of North Smithfield Town, what are your main achievements? This is a question he talks about. He did not hesitate to quote work related to the country

By ARDEN BASTIA After the most recent meeting with the Rhode Island Department of Education on Tuesday, Warwick is considering building two new high schools instead of refurbishing Pilgrim and Tollgate High Schools. "We looked at the original vision and

Author: JOHN HOWELL The Promised Land of Commercial Fishermen is approximately 1,900 acres between Conimicut and Bullock Point. On May 26, the region opened quahoging for the first time in 75 years.

After being cancelled last year due to the pandemic, the organizers of this year's Warwick National Night didn't know what would happen. Ward 6 recalled that there may be more people than usual, or are people still worried about Covid

To the editor: This letter is for all those who choose not to get the Covid-19 vaccine. For the past year and a half, I have followed all the instructions given to us by people in the health field. I am wearing a mask (still wearing), avoiding the crowd

By: JOHN HOWELL After all the debate on the future of Warwick High School and the decision to spend $302 million to renovate Pilgrim and Toll Gate, the city may be building two new schools. School administration is

Fatal car accident According to Warwick police, a city resident was killed in a frontal collision between two vehicles on Main Avenue last week. After paramedics arrived at the scene, 60-year-old Michael A. Paliotti was taken to Rhode Island Hospital in critical condition

The average gasoline price in Rhode Island was up 1 cent from last week, averaging $3.04 per gallon. The price on Monday was 4 cents higher than a month ago and 90 cents higher than on August 2, 2020. Rhode Island's average oil price is 13 cents lower than the country

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Share your book club experience and you have a chance to win prizes. If you belong to the reading group, Robin Kall of Reading with Robin wants to talk to you! Tell Robin how your club started, how long you have been in meetings, and how you choose

By: JARED GUSTAFSON The Rhode Island Youth Theatre is back. The audition for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" will be held at Tollgate High School on Friday, August 13, and at the school on Monday. After a one and a half year interruption, due to

By ARDEN BASTIA On July 29th, Warwick Veterans Middle School felt that the sky was falling. About six ceilings came loose and fell, suddenly ending the school year extension plan, but senior Lynn Dambruch told the parents and

Author: JOHN HOWELL Speaker of the House of Representatives K. Joseph Shekarchi does not play golf, nor does Judy Salvadore or Steve and Audrey Snow play golf. However, on Monday night, all four of them were on the deck of the Quidnesset Country Club, surrounded by golfers, many of whom were legislators.

Author: JARED GUSTAFSON Warwick More lifeguards can be used, Beverly Wiley, Director of Parks and Recreation Department, hopes to pass the lifeguard certification course starting on Monday and the closure of city beaches at the end of summer, the city

To the editor: I recently learned that I can take a small action to avoid serious harm to people around me. It sounds easy. Nevertheless, I still don't want to do this. The little action is wearing a mask again. what. I am not against my freedom not to wear a mask

The following is a reprint of an interview with Speaker of the House of Representatives K. Joseph Shekarchi (D-Warwick), which was published in the July 2021 issue of Rhode Island Builders Magazine, which is the Rhode Island Builders Association since 1951 Monthly publication. THE BUILDER:

To the editor: Paul A. Beaudette believes in man-made climate change. He firmly believes that solar power is a key, feasible and effective tool to offset the increase in carbon dioxide emissions and its impact on climate change ("Let's

To the editor: I am not sure if there is a chance of preemptive strikes for hypersonic missiles or Iranian drones. If this is the case, or if some countries think so, and/or are not worried about a second strike, then we need to take preventive measures. The same applies to

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER After falling 0-6 at the start of the season, the Flood Ford Connie Mack baseball team became the most popular team in the state, winning the last seven games of the regular season and two games in the first round. Defeated Warwick PAL.

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Warwick Tree Post Junior U.S. Army team has been one of the top clubs in the state this summer. It ended the regular season with a 9-2 record and won the top seed in the state playoffs this week. . Warwick dropped the first

On July 31 and Saturday and Sunday, August 1, eight boats from the Edgewood Yacht Club participated in the Leo J. Telesmanick Beetle Cat Championship in Chatham, Massachusetts to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Beetle Cat Boat Class. All wood

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Despite the unresolved issues surrounding her shooting, Miya Brophy-Baermann's family focused on "all the good things she brought to the world," her mother Michelle said. "I know who she is," she said. "She is like this

Author: JOHN HOWELL The Promised Land of Commercial Fishermen is approximately 1,900 acres between Conimicut and Bullock Point. On May 26, the region opened quahoging for the first time in 75 years.

Written by: ALEX SPONSELLER Division I champion Warwick Continental American 12 lost to North Providence in the state finals 4-2 last week, ending their summer. WCA had a bad start in the state championship, trailing 5-0 in the first game

Author: TARA MONASTESSE Although the daily lives of many people seem to have returned to normal after the pandemic, the growth in demand for medical equipment has not slowed down. This is why the Robert J. Allen Masonic Medical Distribution Center is located

Author: ARDEN BASTIA If anyone knows how to have "fun" in fundraising, it is Rock N Jock Charities, a non-profit organization that raises funds for children fighting life-threatening diseases. Every year, the organization organizes two fundraising events, once

Drunk Driving Shortly after 2 am on July 17, Officer Evan Brown received a dispatch report that a Toyota Corolla driving south of Interstate 95 hit the guardrail. The report showed that the vehicle accelerated after the collision, "Now everything is over."

Author: John Howell Those who approve, oppose, and agree with some (but not all) of the regulations will have the opportunity to express their views on August 16. (lighthouse

Author: RORY SCHULER Rhode Island health officials announced a 300% increase in reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease (LD) in the state. "From 2014 to 2020, there were an average of 10 cases in June and July each year.

Tara Monastesse of Warwick was selected for the Rhode Island PBS scholarship, which is for high school or college students who are engaged in broadcasting, communication or journalism. The award-up to $60,000-can be renewed up to four times

I haven't happened to this before. I am being beaten by a woman. The two fictitious names of Annie and Alice can save them more attention. They are lovely people. Both are artists in their own way. One is a dance teacher.

To the editor: Regarding your July 15 editorial on climate change, you wrote: "This is the advancing state of man-made climate change. Wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, relentless rainfall and other abnormal weather patterns will continue to exist

Note to editors: The overall situation of climate change cannot be ignored. The solar energy law put forward before the city council fails to address the issue of climate change and how it affects our cities and states. Climate change is real, and it’s happening more than

After more than 18 months after closing and experiencing a $150,000 deferred maintenance and repair, McDermott pool reopened to some very happy swimmers on Monday. Swimmers started arriving a few hours before the official reopening

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Warwick Tree Post The American Legion baseball team lost two games to Gershkoff in the first round of the playoffs. Gershkov came from behind, winning the first game 6-5, and then winning the second game 8-2. Despite leading 4-2

By: ALEX SPONSELLER The Warwick Continental American All-Star team continues to struggle in the state championships this week. The 12 players lost to Smithfield 9-3 in the first round, but defeated Riverside 6-1 in the first round.

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Although he is only four years old, Blake Costa loves his family, cooking and bringing people together. "He just likes to be in the kitchen and do anything," his father Nick Costa said. "Pizza, donuts, whatever. He will even

Camping The first of three one-week youth leadership camps sponsored by Warwick Police started this week, which includes a series of activities such as visits to the police and fire department headquarters, games and projects. 23 campers today

Author: John Howell 35 years ago, Roberta Merkle wanted to provide the Warwick Central Aged Care Center for the Warwick Central Baptist Church in Apponaug (Warwick Central Geriatric Day Care Center) Hiring a case manager. The center, which later became the cornerstone adult

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER After disappearing last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual CJ ​​Barkley Regatta restarted earlier this week in East Greenwich Bay. CJ Barkley is a local sailor, described as a fierce competitor and ultimate

Author: John Howell When Frank Picozzi walked into the corner office of City Hall, he made the sale of vacant school properties one of his top priorities. He imagined that it would not take too long to advertise these four properties and receive an offer from the developer

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Thanks to the US$900,000 funding provided by the CARES Act, the Ocean State Independent Living Center (OSCIL) has launched a family accessibility program to enable people with disabilities to live more independently through adaptability and barrier-free facilities

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Warwick resident Robin Ramos said she doesn't want others to deal with the "horrible disease" of ALS. As an ALS patient and a community advocate for the Rhode Island ALS Association, Ramos did not let the disease stop her.

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Westbay Community Action President and CEO Paul Salera has witnessed the impact of the pandemic on families, whether it is parents who have lost their jobs or children struggling in distance learning. From July 15th, children

Sex offenders sentenced. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, a 45-year-old Warwick man became friends with a 15-year-old Michigan girl online before transporting her to Rhode Island for sex. Sentenced to more than 11 years in federal prison.

Author: JOHN HOWELL Faced with the argument that a proposed solar panel regulation may be convoluted, leading to their uncontrolled spread in residential areas and the disappearance of trees, while worrying that the law may be legally challenged.

Although the city will continue to broadcast the conference live, the days of public Zoom and conference calls are coming to an end. In a notice to the city on Wednesday, Stacy DiCola, deputy director of the Public Information Department

Author: ARDEN BASTIA WCFA The new exhibition of Altered Paper, Prints, & Books is a new exhibition that will open at the Warwick Art Center at 3259 Post Road from now until July 24. This exhibition features works on paper, presented in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form, with the focus on

The benefits of ice cream The management of Sparrows Point II asked residents to participate in an ice cream social event on Friday, which Pat Waldeck described as "a good thing to enjoy on very humid days." She expressed her gratitude for this event and named her the property manager

The crew knows Jeff Jeff English, who recently retired from the fuel terminal operating the Warwick Bay Terminal for 27 years and was held last Thursday at the Fairwinds Wharf in Oakland Beach Was taken aback at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Joe McGrady, who bought it

Author: ARDEN BASTIA It was in the early 1990s and Niles Madsen needed a career change. He is in his 40s and works as an insurance claims examiner in Blue Cross, Maryland. "One day, we were in a company-wide meeting, and the boss told everyone

Are you ready to join? Take out your swimsuit, find those goggles, and start practicing your diving, because the McDermott pool will be open from Monday, July 26 and ready for swimmers. The grand reopening will take place at 9 a.m. Mayor Frank Picozzi and

The Oath of Leadership There is a story that explains why Arielle Luong, holding a teddy bear in a camouflage uniform, led the city council in the oath of allegiance on Monday night. When city council chairman Steve McAllister learned about police chief Brad Conner and the fire chief

Bayside dance? Although it may seem like a courtship dance, Dave Chattier, who took this photo of an egret on Arnold's neck, said it was an argument that took place at an apparently good fishing hole. As for the snapper he filmed earlier this year, he said she was

Author: Rory Schuler When Jeff Bezos went into space, the company he founded attempted to build a new retail distribution facility on the 196-acre Johnston Woodland plot. The word was not mentioned in the agenda of the Johnston Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday night

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Warwick artist Sophia Hopkins (Sophia Hopkins) won first place in the annual chalk block competition hosted by the East Greenwich Chamber of Commerce. The event was held on July 15th and invited artists 7 years and older to participate. Contestants enter

My son Ted saw and heard reports of great white sharks caught in fishing nets near Cape Judith. Now he is on the foil voyage there. It was good, but the wind speed dropped below 5 knots and he lost his motivation. The tide carries

To the editor: Arden Bastia (June 24, 2021)’s excellent Beacon article "Reflections on the New Government" highlights our new Warwick School principal Lynn Dambruch and our new Assistant Principal William McCaffrey. them

To the editors: Thank you Leslie Derrig and Jane Kenney Austin for reminding us in their letter dated July 8, 2021, that important solar energy regulations will be reviewed at the July 19th board meeting. who knows! Who knows that our city is considering allowing

Note to editors: 8 of the top 10 students of Pilgrim HS are young women, and 9 of the top 10 students of Toll Gate HS are young women. why is it like this? I think it is safe to assume that women and men have the same intelligence. Could it be a woman working harder

As all customers who are not in a protected state temporarily shut down household energy, sponsors of the Rhode Island Good Neighbor Energy Fund encourage those in need of energy assistance to visit the local Community Action Plan (CAP)

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Warwick Continental The 11-year-old and 12-year-old American All-Star team continued to impress people this summer, as they both ended the third division title last week. 12 people ended an undefeated regional championship and will be among the best in South Kingstown

Written by: ALEX SPONSELLER Warwick PAL The 13-year-old baseball team defeated host North Providence North Providence 5-2 in the championship game last week to win the Rhode Island Babe Ruth State Championship. PAL is led by its pitchers, including Carlos Gonzaga and Michael

Written by: ALEX SPONSELLER Warwick North Softball's 12-year-old All-Star team defeated Portsmouth 3-0 last week to win the state championship and get tickets to the upcoming regional championship this week. The North faced an uphill battle in the early days

Author: John Howell School Finance and Operations Director Robert Baxter introduced in the front page report of the Warwick Beacon on July 1 that he showed the school, simplified public transportation, and increased the community’s impact on school buildings. A bold plan to use and increase enrollment.

The bill was delivered, and the Warwick tax officer still knew what would happen-there was a long line at the gate of Buttonwoods' Town Hall annex. Although the first quarter payment deadline for these bills is July 15th, the grace period has already

Author: JOHN HOWELL There are some pleadings and extended facts, Warwick residents may not have to wait at least 18 months to collect garbage and recyclables on time. The City Council learned of the good news on Monday night and did not delay approval

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Amy Kuiawa may be able to send her children to school as a full-time parent, but she said that when the Warwick School Department issued a new bus transportation guide, “the mother bear in [her] jumped out”. Warwick Public

By: JOHN HOWELL Warwick is on the verge of a building boom. Consider everything on the drawing board: an 11-acre warehouse; a 122-room hotel that will provide the city with 17 hotels with more than 2,200 rooms upon completion; multiple housing

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Now 15-year-old Francesca Beagan started dancing in Distinctive Dance when she was 19 months old and has no plans to stop. The dancer's life began to be full of challenges. When she was born, she was diagnosed with lung disease

Author: RORY SCHULER If a new state plan is successful, every frontline police officer in Ocean State will be equipped with a camera to carry with them within two years. Warwick Police Chief Colonel Bradford Conner wrote a letter of support for the plan.

Author: DON FOWLER Although Edgewood starts at the Providence Line and is usually thought to end in Rhodes, Portusett, the communities of Edgewood and Portusett are well integrated. Pawtuxet village is some of the best places to eat

As all customers who are not in a protected state temporarily shut down household energy, sponsors of the Rhode Island Good Neighbor Energy Fund encourage those in need of energy assistance to visit the local Community Action Plan (CAP)

As all customers who are not in a protected state temporarily shut down household energy, sponsors of the Rhode Island Good Neighbor Energy Fund encourage those in need of energy assistance to visit the local Community Action Plan (CAP)

A report from the staff of the Union Office announced that 30 Rhode Island University student-athletes were selected for the 2021 Xiaodong Conference Spring Team. Student athlete...

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER With the end of the spring season and the beginning of the All-Star Game this week, the Warwick North Little League recently held a parade in the pits to celebrate the end of the season and start the summer game. About 400 locals made

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Warwick resident Adora Perry was recently admitted to Phillips Exeter College in Exeter, New Hampshire, and she will join one of the best preparatory schools in the country. Perry, she just finished second grade in North Kingstown

To the editor: A dangerous solar decree-putting every piece of Warwick's residential and open space land on the desktop of commercial solar development-is declining and will be passed at the next city council meeting. Warwick has a lot of solar energy

Author: JOHN HOWELL Julia Choquette welcomes the hot summer in shorts, blue T-shirt and sandals. She dresses to go to the beach, which is suitable because she and Kylin Coffey are on the beach in Auckland. They plan to stay for a while, actually for

They are tracking her. On July 3, the Atlantic Shark Institute (ASI) announced that it had deployed an acoustic tag to a great white shark. This is the second time Rhode Island has used this technique to mark great white sharks

Author: JOHN HOWELL You won't surprise Dottie McCarthy. At least that's what she said. So it's no surprise that she would claim that she knew about her "surprise" retirement party a month ago. But the source said otherwise. Under their scheming to drink

The following students received honors for the fourth quarter at Toll Gate High School: 9th grade high honors: Andrew Agostinelli, Robert Allen, Sydney Amaral, Jessalyn Andreozzi, Bruce Angelini, Adeline Areson, Francesca Beagan, Serene Blanchette, Jordan

The Auckland Beach Conference will be held tonight. The Auckland Beach Association will hold its monthly meeting today, Thursday, July 8 at 6pm (note the time change). The speakers will be Eric Earls, Director of Public Works and Bev Wiley, Director of Parks & Rec. Location: Boy

To the editor: This is part of a letter I wrote to every city council member, hoping that they will reconsider the revised version of the solar energy regulations they approved at the June meeting; and suspend all new solar energy

To the editor: This is part of a letter I wrote to every city council member, hoping that they will reconsider the revised version of the solar energy regulations they approved at the June meeting; and suspend all new solar energy

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Entering its 34th year, the Rhode Island Youth Theatre returned to the stage after a year of no performances. This summer, the Rhode Island Youth Theatre resumed its summer programs, including voice lessons, script writing workshops,

Katherine Baxter, who graduated with honors, graduated from St. Raphael's College in Potucket on Sunday, June 13. The graduation ceremony was held at the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and was presided over by Bishop Robert C. Evans. Catherine is a member of RI

After missing the 2020 spring high school softball season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Warwick veterans and Winman softball team resumed operations in 2021. Although there is no playoff...

Author: JOHN HOWELL Can Warwick become the Mecca of trees, a place to visit and stroll among rare local and ancient trees? Arborist Matthew Lagos believes this is possible since Nathan Cornell's latest discovery in Lakewood, just a few blocks from Warwick Avenue.

Author: JOHN HOWELL When COVID-19 closed the gate of the Pilgrim Superior Center, the center did not stop providing services. "Our doors are closed, but our hearts are open," Senior Service Director Meg Underwood told a room on Friday afternoon.

Author: DANIEL KITTREDGE For generations, Rhode Island on the Pawtuxet River has played an important role in the social and cultural life of Rhode Islanders. Weddings, celebrations, circuses, concerts, sporting events, civic meetings-these parties and more

Last Thursday, 6th grade students from Cedar Hill Elementary School celebrated their graduation ceremony outdoors with their family and friends. Here, fifth grade students give waiting family members, certificates, fists and high fives

Now after Warwick has operated in Cranston for the past 36 years, Travel Connection has a new home at 1265 R Post Road. Susan Rezendes of Warwick has owned the company for the past 16 years. Working with her is Debbie Stubbs,

The man was pulled out of the water Just before 7:30 pm on June 28, Police Officer Thomas Paine and other police officers reported to the Auckland Beach Seawall that a man had not responded in the water. When Paine arrived at the scene, the fire and rescue personnel were already there

Author: JOHN HOWELL. One of the two Warwick EMTs whose license was revoked by the Ministry of Health after refusing to send a woman to Kent Hospital has resumed active duty, while the other continues to be paid, but

The average gasoline price in Rhode Island was up 2 cents from last week, at an average of $2.99 ​​per gallon. The price on Monday was 5 cents higher than a month ago and 89 cents higher than on June 28, 2020. The average gasoline price in Rhode Island is 10 cents lower than the national price

Town Fair Tire scholarship recipients Town Fair Tire recently awarded a $500 scholarship to four students from the Warwick District and Technology Center. The picture on the left shows the director of the center Tim Kane (Tim Kane), who joined the Victorian schloraship recipient Jacob Kelley (electricity)

Winner Dr. Matthew Rocheleau DO of Warwick won the 2020-2021 Father Ricard Resident Award, voted by his peers and colleagues. The award is given to demonstrate compassion, honesty, respect and

Author: ARDEN BASTIA The new parade route. 27 years after hosting the Warwick Neck parade on July 4th, Bill and Madeleine Nixon are passing the torch. Since Nixon was founded as a friendly person, community marches started and ended in Nixon’s home.

To the editor: As a native of Rhode Island, I learned to use the past tense to describe things. For example, "Turn to the place where Ann & Hope used to be." When Ann & Hope was where we shopped, the traffic was so heavy that the intersection of Post Road

This is a warning: if you are a perfectionist, please do not perform strong washing. I'm not a perfectionist, but I can't stand halfway work. Powerful washing also requires this. I used electricity to clean the siding of the house and was shocked by the gravel and pollen flow

Author: ARDEN BASTIA With a surplus of 15 million boxes nationwide, the Girl Scout organization hopes to unload biscuits to hungry customers. The Rhode Island Girl Scouts have a surplus of 300 boxes, about 3,600 packets of biscuits. "We didn't get

Next stop. Vets Middle School Hoxsie School held a graduation ceremony for the fifth grade students on June 23. They received the certificate in front of a group of enthusiastic family and friends. Principal Gary McCombs hosted and brought greetings and memories

Recently, with the assistance of the Justice League, Senator Michael McCaffrey (Michael McCaffrey) provided free bicycle helmets to third-grade students at Hocksey Elementary School. Teenagers must wear a helmet when riding bicycles, scooters, roller skates or ice skating

The Pilgrims softball team lost to Coventry 7-4 in the I-level state championship held at Rhode Island College last week. Lady Pats lost a playoff game in the playoffs and entered the championship series.

The Rhode Island Outdoor Track and Field Championships were held at Conley Stadium in Providence last weekend, and many locals made some noise on the big stage. Bishop Hendrick...

Face to face with Queen Cdr. Captain Dave Burkett of the guided-missile destroyer Sullivan was recently welcomed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and First Secretary of the Sea and Royal Admiral Tony Radakin.

Celebrating the 60th anniversary, Paul F. Kelley and Elizabeth A. Gonwa met at the USO in Chicago when he was a navy soldier at the USN Training Center (USNTC) in the Great Lakes, Illinois, and she was a student at Chicago Mundaline College. She Used to be

53 years ago, Henry Guzeika started a new excavation of electronic alarms in the garage of his home on Spring Grove Avenue, and then moved into his office to communicate with U.S. alarms The companies merged and opened a new and larger office at Jefferson 10

Matching the donations of Messi and the audience was initiated by Jeffrey H. Massey, the president and founder of the retirement wealth consulting company Massey Associates Inc. and the host of the popular Massey On MoneyT radio show. Jeff asked

The Rhode Island Outdoor Track and Field Championships were held last weekend at Conley Stadium in Providence, and many locals made some noise on the big stage. Bishop Hendrick...

Warwick Mayor Frank Picozy said on Tuesday that Connemect Point Park plans to install a larger and more conspicuous warning sign with a QR code in Connie Carter Point Park to allow beach visitors to visit Read warnings in multiple languages ​​on your phone. Picozzi has received a lot of information about

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Warwick Public Schools Finance and Operations Executive Director Robert Baxter has no shortage of ideas for improving Warwick Schools. Although the school district is currently facing a decline in enrollment of approximately 1,200 students

He really digs into it. After all the comments and ceremonial groundbreaking, the service stations and convenience stores of the Airport and Post Road Project-flagship of 150 Neon Marketplace stores in the next five years-2 years old

Author: John Howell When he learned that he was eligible for retirement, Father Alfred Rich said: "Yes." On Monday afternoon, Father Rich was in the office of St. Gregory's Cathedral in Causet Say:

Author: JOHN HOWELL Faced with what they think is the best thing for Warwick Neck or what is permitted by law, the Public Safety Commission stood on the side of the law on Tuesday night and unanimously approved the 316 license to sell guns from Anchor Art & Antiques

Author: JOHN HOWELL So, maybe your recycling truck was not emptied on the same day that you picked up trash this week. Don’t be surprised if it happens again or even becomes a recurring event, because the Ministry of Public Works is working hard to keep it aging

Author: JOHN HOWELL Carlos Rojas is 6 years old. When the school closed on Friday, he was no longer a kindergarten kid. But this does not mean that he is too young to express his opinion, or even to ask for further action. So when Carlos asked

Bishop Thomas Tobin dedicated the $12.5 million tomb of St. Ann’s Cemetery to St. Peter and Paul.

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Last week, Aldrich Mansion was the graduation ceremony location for Toll Gate, Pilgrim and Hendricken high schools. The city school held a ceremony during the day on Wednesday. Hendricken...

Join Yoga at the Point and experience a season of outdoor yoga on the water in Conimicut Point Park. Yoga, Pilates, group fitness and sound meditation classes are provided every day from Sunday to Saturday...

The Pilgrim softball team defeated North Providence 8-3 in the Division I quarter-finals and defeated Cumberland 11-3 in the first round of the semifinals. Coventry has shortened its momentum in the division...

In the three-level state championship held at Cumberland High School last weekend, the Pilgrims Boys hockey team lost a heartbreaking decision to Burriville with a score of 8-7. Patriots will jump out...

In the I-level state championship held at Rhode Island College last week, the Bishop Hendricken men’s volleyball team lost 3-1 (19-25/26-24/19-25/20-25) North Kingstown. The captain is...

Drunk driving Shortly before 11pm on June 18, Officer David Boardman responded to Officer Joseph DiIorio's request to assist him in parking on Post Road. At the scene, DiIorio told Boardman about the problematic vehicle-described as a 2010 Ford F150

Let it flow. With the new pumps, pipes and heaters, Mayor Frank Picozzi was honored to turn on the fire hydrant last Friday to refill the McDermott swimming pool. Picozzi said on Tuesday that it is now full of 300,000 gallons and is reopening to the public

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Pawtuxet Village Association will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, June 30th at 6 pm to discuss the future of Pawtuxet Park. According to Roy Evans, a member of the board of directors of the association, the Pawtuxet Village Association (PVA) is

Author: John Howell Warwick Police Brotherhood members have approved a three-year tentative contract that will give them a salary increase of 2.75% on July 1, and then on July 1, 2022 and 2023 The salary increase was 3.75% on July 1, 2015. Mayor Frank Picozzi

Author: JOHN HOWELL Neon Marketplace is a Procaccianti company that is preparing to change the image of gas station convenience stores. As well as the company’s prototype, the company envisions opening 150 stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

This is a routine on Sunday to prepare for the following week. First, open WCRB, Boston Classical Radio, hoping to have some Hayden, Mozart or occasionally Scott Joplin. Then, turn on the computer to receive a large number of e-mails. After weeding

Author: John Howell Mayor Frank Picozzi's letter was mailed on Friday, and on Monday, some residents of the Governor of Francis Farms blinked to make sure they were reading It is true. Picozzi didn't explain how to do it

Birthdays and fundraising activities Mayor Frank Picozzi (Frank Picozzi) was surprised to find on Monday that there was a birthday display in front of the city hall to commemorate Happy Sign RI. He was very impressed with the display including Christmas lights-after all Picozzi is famous

Avoid the queues. Few places are as popular as the Warwick Public Library, which started selling beach parking permits on Saturday. When the city’s original 500 passes were quickly used up, additional passes were ordered, and the library assumed

Rhode Island Electric Boats and Community College will host an open day for anyone interested in teaching maritime trade from June 28th to 29th. The partner’s representative will answer questions about teaching, salary,

Note to editors: I don’t know if nuclear first strike capability is possible. We need to determine whether an arms race with Russia will lead to our demise; if so, we need to get the two countries to agree to freeze new nuclear weapons (at least if

Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin (Thomas J. Tobin) sacrificed the mausoleum of St. Peter and Paul at St. Ann's Cemetery in Cranston on Saturday, which was built similar to the Cathedral in Providence. The chapel in the center of the 22,000-square-foot building is close to its capacity

For the past 17 years, Warren "Buddy" Kean has owned and operated The Bottom Line bar on Palmer Avenue opposite the entrance of Rocky Point Park. Now he is packing up and moving to Hawaii, where he will be reunited with his family. Saturday his

Author: John Howell Last Wednesday night, the old Cavill Ice Cream Building at the intersection of the airport and the post road hasn't had that many people since the office was established. This is not a crowd of bars, although some may appreciate

Written by: ARDEN BASTIA Beach Pass for sale at the Warwick Public Library Sandy Lane branch. Warwick Beach Pass for sale. Those who go to the beach can buy passes when the library is open. Resident pass is US$20 per vehicle; US$40

Author: ARDEN BASTIA About a month after taking office in the new leadership, Warwick Teachers’ Union Chairman Darlene Netcoh, the new Superintendent Lynn Dambruch and the new Superintendent William McCaffrey reflected on the challenges facing the school district, their goals and

Despite a fast lead of 4-1, the tollgate women's hockey team failed to hold on as Burrillville completed a 9-5 comeback victory to take home the title of the III national championship. toll…

Save The Bay will provide a youth swimming clinic on Tuesday, June 29, led by Olympic medalist and Sanderstown native Elizabeth Beisel. Swimmers from 8 to 18 years old are invited to register for the clinic, which includes a Q&A session, 60 minutes of pool time and

Author: JOHN HOWELL Holliman Elementary School Principal Joseph Coffey asks students to close their eyes on Friday morning and imagine the strongest person they know. It is impossible for him to know whether the students followed his instructions. The students are

E. Ashley Rappa of Warwick joined MORE Advertising, a full-service, minority and female-led marketing and advertising company launched in 1997. drive

The white carriage is undoubtedly the latest rescue operation in this city is white, while the others are red. The city acted quickly and purchased the vehicle from the Greenwood Emergency Vehicle in Massachusetts, when a municipality cancelled the delivery, and

Drunk driving Shortly after 11pm on June 5, officers Taylor Stone and Thomas Paine responded in the track area of ​​Post Road, reporting that a potentially damaged operator was stopped by another officer. At the scene, the whistleblower

Author: John Howell Mitch Stevens Sports Center returned to zero during the "Recover Rhode Island" campaign Tuesday morning, increasing taxes on people with annual incomes of more than $475,000 to generate an estimated $128 million that can be used for improvement

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Beach Pass for Sale by the Warwick Public Library Sandy Lane branch will start selling Warwick Beach Pass on Saturday, June 19th. Those who go to the beach can buy passes at any time when the library is open. Pass is 20 USD

Author: ARDEN BASTIA The sign at 350 Wellington Avenue may still read Lou Pelosi's Precision Crash Service, but as of late April, the famous Cranston car body and machinery repair shop has ushered in pride New owner. After more than 50 years of operation,

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business (10KSB) Rhode Island program is seeking applicants for its 15th program, which will be launched in September 2021. The deadline for application is June 1st and the website is Now in its fifth year of operation, Rhode Island’s premier business

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Bishop Hendricken High School has appointed Natalie Kessimian as the new assistant principal. She is the first female academic administrator in the school's history. Kessimian’s role will focus on the student’s entire academic experience,

The average gasoline price in Rhode Island was the same as last week, at an average of $2.96 per gallon. The price on Monday was 4 cents higher than a month ago and 92 cents higher than on June 14, 2020. The average gasoline price in Rhode Island is 12 cents lower than the national price

On Friday, June 11, Rocky Hill Country Day School held a face-to-face ceremony to celebrate the graduation ceremony of the class of 2021 graduates. They sat with their families on the lawn of the historic waterfront campus. The event was broadcast live for the extended family,

The Rhode Island Chapter of the ALS Association has launched the first annual CEO Soak-Rhode Island event this summer. This chapter is challenging companies and organizations from all over the world...

Author: Pete Fontaine Jon Correia did not claim to be Picasso; however, the regional abstract artist painted a picture on Sunday depicting what will happen to the popular Auckland Beach Volunteer Firefighter Club in the near future . Correia

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Although the number of passengers flying through TF Green Airport this summer may not reach the level of travel in 2019, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is preparing for the expected increase in passenger traffic. In preparation

An early morning accident occurred at the intersection of West Shore Road and Buttonwoods Avenue on June 3, causing the two to be taken to the hospital and cut off

Fog can be comforting, but it is also worrying. When I started climbing, the mountain I was familiar with disappeared. The fog consumes the sun, leaving a uniform opaque gray. I check to make sure my light is

Note to editor: The Warwick Fire Department is in a pun and is being attacked from multiple directions. Warwick firefighters are used to putting out fires in other people’s homes and businesses; let’s hope they are equally good at putting out fires

Note to editors: At present, our federal government is addressing the most serious problems in large-scale spending plans. We currently have more than 28 trillion U.S. dollars in debt, and it's still growing. Is this the correct way to overcome many of our countries?

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Toll Gate softball team won the first round of the playoffs when they defeated Rogers 2-0 on Tuesday. The Titans' starting pitcher Hayley Sindel is very sharp on the mound,...

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Former Governor Gina Raimondo has set a lofty goal-by 2025, 70% of the state’s working-age population will have a college degree or equivalent.

Author: JOHN HOWELL When solar farms were first proposed for use in large areas of West Cranston, these projects were welcomed because of their green energy and the fact that the land would not be developed for housing, which led to more Increase in transportation and urban services.

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Loyal to their Warwick roots, students from Pilgrim and Toll Gate High School held an outdoor graduation ceremony in Aldridge Building yesterday to celebrate their academic achievements. Class of 2021 students are the last batch

Author: JOHN HOWELL Homeowners who have never thought of selling a house, and may not have paid attention to the hot property market, will be surprised by the results of the city-wide revaluation, which has already begun and will be fully completed in April

With the rush to purchase beach parking permits and the city waiting for more information from printers, the city has postponed the implementation of parking fees for residents and non-residents until July 1. Beach parking...

I should listen to Jack Clegg. "You need to get your notebook. You have enough stories to fill a few columns." But I didn't bring a notebook to record Bill Riggs' surprise 90th birthday party and his 60th birthday Party

To the editor: After watching the budget hearing, I am very disappointed by the lack of knowledge of this new government and the almost complete lack of doubts from the city council. Of course, there is another

Author: JOHN HOWELL In addition to the copy of the emergency medical technician license suspension order provided on the website of the Ministry of Health, the officials gave Warwick firefighters Brandon Colombo and

Drunk driving. At about 3:45 a.m. on May 29, when officer Keara Enos was patrolling the exit 15 area south of Interstate 95, she saw a black BMW "multiple times" crossing the dashed lane line. Its driver’s side tires and sudden

Author: Beacon Staff has worked for Wave Federal Credit Union for 40 years, and after serving as President and CEO for 26 years, Paul Archambault will retire earlier this summer. "I will be 62 years old," Paul said in an interview last week, "I want to have time to play golf."

Author: ARDEN BASTIA RIPIN Drive-in Vaccine Clinic On Saturday, June 19 and Saturday, July 10, from 9 am to 11 am, the Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN) will host a drive-in vaccine clinic. The event will be held in their office

The Ocean State Independent Living Center (OSCIL) is launching a new grocery gift card assistance program to help people with COVID-19 and

The average gasoline price in Rhode Island is up 2 cents from the average of $2.96 per gallon last week. The price on Monday was 9 cents higher than a month ago and 96 cents higher than on June 7, 2020. The average gasoline price in Rhode Island is 9 cents lower than the national price

Author: ARDEN BASTIA What does the local news report have to do with vampires? For local writer Rena Smith, this is everything. Smith is the author of four novels, each of which explores the cosmic energy that connects all life and reveals the complexity of the universe.

To the editor: Few letters in the history of American letters are as famous as those written by Major Sullivan Ballou to his wife Sarah before his regiment left the camp to participate in the Battle of Bull Run. I say "assumed" because there are

To the editor: Ron DeSantis, Republican Governor of Florida, must like Democratic lawmakers such as Rhode Island Senator Melissa Murray and Representative Karen Arzart. DeSantis knew that the dumb tax policy proposed by Murray and Alzate would promote wealthier

Author: ARDEN BASTIA The Rhode Island Institute of Public Health has launched an initiative to nourish Rhode Island by taxing sugar-sweetened beverages. However, for local businesses, the proposed sugar and beverage tax does more harm than good. Bill, H-5715 and

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Pilgrims softball team topped the league table in Division I this season, with a current record of 11-2 and only two games left in the regular season. Last week, when it came to Saint-Ray, the Patriots had a difficult performance.

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Pilgrim Senior Kenny Rix was recently named the Rhode Island Intercollegiate Male Student Athlete of the Year for his work on the court and classroom. Rix is ​​an athlete of four sports, participating in football, basketball,

The Toll Gate Boys Indoor Track and Field Team was runner-up in the Rhode Island Track and Field Coaches Association Freshman Championship last winter. The picture shows Jeremie Luna, Jamie Luna, Trevor DiPanni and Mason Tanner at the toll booth.

Author: Dr. John Howell Frederick Schweizer, who is now called Dr. Sundae by students of Cedar Mountain School, he really doesn't like ice cream. This is too bad, because he was turned into a human sundae by a fifth grader. They are happy

Author: John Howell On Tuesday a year ago, Frank Picozzi announced to his followers on Facebook that he would run for the independent mayor of Warwick. It didn't take long for his phone to ring and he received questions from the news media.

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Last Friday, Deputy Governor Sabina Matos visited Hope House to discuss solutions for affordable housing and visited a small house. Melissa Behm, the development manager of Hope House, said that the organization’s affordable housing

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Bishop Hendricken The golf team defeated East Greenwich at Cranston Country Club last week to win their sixth state championship. The Eagles trailed the Avengers by one shot after the first round, but in the second round and

By: JOHN HOWELL Half a repaved road is better than nothing. This is all you can imagine, unless you live in the neglected half, or face the potholes in the nearby main street. Frederick Street and Badron Avenue in Norwood are

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Pilgrim Senior High School students celebrated the end of the unconventional school year with an unconventional ball on June 1.

Dr. Frederick Schweizer, the principal of Cedar Mountain School, dressed up as a human sundae. After being transformed by fifth graders, he added a cherry to it. (Photo of Warwick Beacon)

Remember that the Memorial Day Parade departs from the Hendricken parking lot on Oakland Beach Boulevard, heads to West Coast Road, and ends in front of Veterans High School? For several years, the marchers have stretched out for what seems to be a complete parade

Drunk driving At around 1pm on May 22, Police Officer Gerard Ditomasso responded to 1050 Bald Hill Road with a report saying that a car had hit a fuel pump. At the scene, Ditomasso and another police officer got in touch with the male operator of the vehicle

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Warwick Public Library brought new changes to outdoor reading through the StoryWalk installation opened last Friday. The new installation invites young and old readers to follow David Elliot's "For You",

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Meat Lottery The Sons of the American Legion will hold a meat lottery at 7pm on June 4th. The event will be held at the William J. Shields Jr. Post American Legion Home Association at 662 West Shore Road. If you have any questions, please call

Author: ARDEN BASTIA From June 19, beach visitors will have to pay to enter Warwick’s beaches. The fee applies to Auckland Beach, Buttonwoods Beach and Conimicut Beach in the City Park. Beach charges will be valid until September 6 Labor Day.

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Warwick Police K-9 Division will host a fundraiser on June 5th at Apponaug Brewing Company at 334 Knight Street. Participants have the opportunity to bid on more than 100 prize draws, while enjoying the brewery’s new beer garden.

The retired Rhode Island Supreme Court Associate Judge Francis X. Flaherty graduated from Hendricken in 1964. He will meet in Warwick on Friday, June 18th. Aldrich Mansion delivered a keynote speech for the Eagles’ "Last Flight: 2021 Graduation Ceremony". for

Author: JOHN HOWELL Warwick residents are asking the police to arrest speeders and improve their community’s compliance with traffic laws. The police are responding. Mayor Frank Picozzi commented on what he said was stepping up efforts to slow down

12-year-old Mike Owens of Warwick performed last month at the North American Grabbers Association New England Championship in Hampton, New Hampshire. Owens Jr. won the first place in Dao Dao and Non Dao Jiu-Jitsu in his department

Report from the staff The team of head coach Jean Saint-Pierre (professional record: 2-2; .500) ended in third place (four teams) at the Little Eastern Invitational in April 2021 season...

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Pilgrim baseball team is in the most intense stage of the playoffs as it enters the last leg of the regular season schedule. The Patriots entered Wednesday with a record of 6 wins and 5 losses, a league record of 5 wins and 5 losses, and won two of the past three games. pilgrimage

The average gasoline price in Rhode Island was the same as last week, at an average of $2.94 per gallon. The price on Monday was 12 cents higher than a month ago and 97 cents higher than on June 1, 2020. The average gasoline price in Rhode Island is 10 cents lower than the national average.

Author: PETE FontAINE Classic chefs Jim Fletcher, Dennis “Goober” Martel and Mark Merlino have made three different sandwiches, just like the famous record jockey Rob Caramante infused different music recordings into the night at Rossi Park in Warwick The same as the warm air.

For the editor, last week Warwick City Council approved a zero tax increase budget to provide direct services and investment for residents of our city. As countless individuals and businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, most

At the Memorial Day celebrations last weekend, remember those who served Warwick Boy Scouts Troop 7 and Troop 77 Buttonwoods. Both units participated in a joint wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the civilian Thomas C. Matteson (Thomas C. Matteson).

Harvesting clam gold According to data from the Ministry of Environmental Management, 150 shellfish fishermen participated in the first opening of the Lower Providence River in 75 years last Wednesday morning. According to an experimental plan, 1,900 acres

Author: JOHN HOWELL Kellsie King graduated from Cranston East High School and is now a junior at the University of Rhode Island. Regardless of Rhode Island's commitment, he may go to college. But it is not easy for her or her family. King

Author: JOHN HOWELL The City Council budget hearing can be a long and lengthy exercise, and when everything is said, it usually does not change the mayor’s original proposal. For at least the past 40 years, the city council has never increased the mayor’s

The Memorial Day commemorative event is organized by Chapter 9 disabled American veteran and Rep. Camille Vella-Wilkinson. The Memorial Day service includes laying a wreath at the Veterans Park in front of the Veterans Memorial High School.

The way to walk the marathon horses from the Providence Riding Headquarters is really great. Riley, who is riding by Jose Mendez and Douglas Gould, visited Lima on Friday. Saint Rose of the school, leading the school walking marathon, one of the majors of the school

Pay tribute to people in uniforms. As has been done in previous years, the pastor of St. Kevin’s Church, the Warwick Police and Fire Department and the pastor of the Rhode Island National Guard, Father Robert Marciano, were on Friday night.

Author: Barbara Knathan So? After talking so much about retirement, where is she now? I have a job! A very big, enthusiastic yippee! How many people hope, hope and dream of retirement? most. Retirement is a

To the editor, tonight, I participated in my first Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association since the pandemic. It's great to get back to normal. Mayor Frank Picozzi attended the meeting with his wife. In a short comment, our guest described our Warwick police

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Last Wednesday, Kent Hospital launched a new look and feel in an effort to become a community-centric hospital with world-class healthcare standards. The event included Robert Haffey, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kent, and

Artie Dunn, who frequents Warwick City Park, was confused when he spotted a deer that seemed to be shedding. Will deer shed their skins, he thought. He learned that he had encountered a piebald deer, which caused

The logs for the first quarter of this year analyzed by John Howell showed that the firefighters and rescuers in Warwick took longer than the National Fire Protection Association to respond to calls. The standards set by suburban communities of this size need to be long

At 1pm on Saturday, June 19th, Shawfamily’s friends will host a Super Sonic Saturday event to benefit Warwick’s superhero Rowan Shaw. Rowan is currently facing another 10-month extension...

Author: Rory Schuler The Rhode Island Business Alliance (RIBC) held a press conference last week to oppose the proposal to increase personal income tax for high-income earners and tax the state's federal salary protection program loans. "This is

When Carissa Ferla looked out the window to the second-floor porch of the house owned by her brother Alan Ferla, she saw a sparking wire igniting the siding. Carissa, her son Xavier, friends, Alan and their two dogs

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Pilgrims Boys Lacrosse team is one of the hottest teams in the state this spring. It defeated Providence Country Day 12-10 on Tuesday, extending its unbeaten record to 5-0. Pilgrim also defeated Narragansett and opponent Toll 12-4

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The Toll Gate baseball team has a young lineup in its department this spring, but it started with a record of 3-5. The Titans have achieved some good victories, including a victory over Cranston West at the beginning of the season. toll

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Pilgrim The women's lacrosse team started this year with a 3-2 score and won the past two games. The Patriots defeated Cranston West 11-7 at home last Friday, and then beat the Westwind 14-10 on Monday

Vehicle Recovery Shortly before 6 am on May 10, when Nathaniel Gray of the office was patrolling the Motel 6 parking lot on Jefferson Boulevard, he saw a Toyota Highlander without a front license plate. "I noticed this is suspicious

Authors: JOHN HOWELL and ARDEN BASTIA During a two-night Zoom meeting with the mayor, administrators and department heads sitting in front of the city hall camera, the city council reviewed Frank Picozzi’s $333 line by line

Betty Anne Rogers, director of the Warwick Sewer Management Bureau, did not wait to resolve the issue after reviewing photos of the deteriorating Oakland Beach Interceptor. Although the interceptor will be refurbished,

Lights with mice You might ask what the mice have to do with the plan to replace approximately 9,000 street lights with new energy-saving LED lights that started this week. This is not a question that reporters would think of asking K Electric staff

Meeting with Governor Grace Dankey was one of the people who participated in the fundraising event of City Council Chairman Steve McAllister at Chelo's last week. McAllister is happy that he and his wife Vanessa have raised about $7,000 in the number of participants

Commissioner Cork Saturday Tennis League celebrated its founder Robert Cork in a ceremony held last Saturday after the Rhode Island tennis game. Cork, a retired teacher and tennis coach, was the impetus to start the league soon

By RORY SCHULER The Rhode Island Business Alliance (RIBC) held a press conference this week to oppose the proposal to increase personal income tax for high-income earners and tax the state's federal salary protection program loans. "this

I have never seen Joseph J. Solomon happier driving his 1965 Cadillac DeVille convertible with his wife Cindy and their dog Buddy by his side. He likes to patrol the 4th district, where he serves as a councillor.

Stephen Manty, Executive Vice President of AAA Northeast, the future municipal office, and Mayor Frank Picozzi signed a 15-year lease for the Sawtooth Building in Apponaug as an annex of Warwick City Hall. Manty said it was built in 1907 as part of Apponaug Mill

To the editor: I am deeply sorry to learn that Mayor Joe Solomon passed away last week. The relationship between the Casella family and the Solomon family has a long history. Fifty years ago, Joe's uncle John would sell dry goods from door to door. My mother is

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Tri-City Elks Collection Auto Show Tri-City Elks will launch its 2021 auto show season from 5 pm to 8 pm on May 27. The event will be held at Lodge 14, 1915 West Bank Road, Warwick. And will provide Tiki bar from Elks

Author: ARDEN BASTIA After spending 20 years on Federal Hill, Gallery Z moved to 100 Bellows St. in Warwick. It has a collection of more than 100 works, all of which are by Armenian artists. The new space can be said to be pleasant eclecticism, currently on display 111

By ARDEN BASTIA On Saturday, May 15, the Friends of Salter Grove celebrated the launch of a new digital guide, allowing visitors to explore improved nature trails and learn about local wildlife. Accessibility guidelines for smartphones can be found at the following locations

According to ARDEN BASTIA, May 17 officially became Warwick’s Financial Literacy Day, according to an announcement made by Mayor Frank Picozzi at the celebration of Toll Gate High School on Tuesday. In May, 80 students at Toll Gate were

Sen. Melissa Murray and representatives. KAREN ALZATE predicts that the US rescue plan will provide 1.78 billion US dollars in federal aid, and some people will say that there is no need to raise any taxes. However, the purpose of our legislation to increase income

Drunk driving Shortly before 11pm on May 4, Officer Brian Fontaine received a report from a damaged operator in the Strawberry Field and West Shore road areas. The dispatch notice stated that rescuers observed a silver vehicle hitting a telephone pole

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Warwick teachers voted on Monday to approve a three-year contract that will increase their salaries in the second and third year and increase the health care co-payment. The new contract is expected to have little impact on Warwick

On Wednesday, May 26, Kent Hospital will introduce a new look and feel while maintaining the world-class healthcare standards that Rhode Islanders have known and trusted for more than seven years...

There is now an RI store in Providence by the Irrepressible Society in 1863. The non-profit Goodwill has been serving Rhode Island since it opened a store at 444 Quaker Lane near Lowe's on Wednesday. A line extends down from one side

May is ALS Awareness Month. The Rhode Island Chapter of the ALS Association hopes to raise awareness and understanding of this devastating disease by paying attention to the needs of ALS patients in Rhode Island. Association encourages people

Author: ARDEN BASTIA and PSC face-to-face programming and socializing. After a long year, the Pilgrim Advanced Center will provide face-to-face activities and plans again starting this week, adding more plans after Memorial Day. Program includes Stitcher's

Easy Riders House Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi (left) and lawyer Kevin Daley must try to wear some of the more than 40 bicycle helmets that the Rhode Island Judicial Association gave to the Robertson School fourth-graders on May 7. This job is

The University of Rhode Island’s own Rachael Garcia was named the 2021 Rhode Island Veteran of the Year by the Providence Regional Office of the Veterans Welfare Administration under the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Garcia,

The New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) announced that all students participating in on-campus courses or activities must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before the start of the fall semester beginning on October 4, 2021.

Author: JOHN HOWELL When the swimming pool owner went to buy chlorine tablets in August last year, he expected to feel the impact of the hurricane, which has not yet swept the east coast of the United States. Labels are in short supply, Charlie German says he has

Although the pandemic has closed most indoor activities in the past year, the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) continues to conduct outdoor fieldwork research and is now cautiously reopening its regular programs. RIMAP will hold an "Introduction

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Although Warwick Mayor Frank Picozy may be the new face of City Hall, it is the team behind the scenes that keeps the city running smoothly. Mayor Picozzi’s staff handles a wide range of issues and requests every day

You will find them at the school. The staff of the Urban Public Works Department removed all 42 metal blue box flower pots from Post Road in Apponaug on Saturday. These pots cost $5,000 each and are part of the Federal/State-funded Apponaug Circulator project. mayor

By ARDEN BASTIA If a pending bill becomes law, a tax on sweet drinks may help feed hungry Rhode Islanders. According to Dr. Amy Nunn, executive director of the Rhode Island Institute of Public Health, the state

Preparing for the sailing season has never been easier. Over the years, it took weeks to prepare for the ceremony where "she" was splashed. This is a process that usually seems unlimited. The goal is clear-clean up "her"

To the editor: I read the title "Budget increases spending, not taxes" and agree with almost everything. one thing. Mayor Picozzi said that this is not a "political issue." I think he is reviewing the years of the Avedisian government

To the editor: "I am proud to be a firefighter." So the "Firefighter's Creed" was started. It continued to guarantee that "I will not, whether in words or deeds, make the fire brigade’s reputation condemned, nor will I allow others to do so without questioning."

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Since being appointed the 70th Lieutenant Governor of the state on April 14, Sabina Matos has been using her platform to support affordable housing programs. Matos talked about her agenda last time at the Zoom meeting of the Warwick Rotary Club

Since the pandemic closed last Thursday, the Oakland Beach Association held its first face-to-face meeting at the recently renovated skate park on Oakland Beach Boulevard. Jack O'Donnell, an avid skateboarder, started to clean up

As a way to thank customers and start the summer, Whalers Brewing Company began shipping approximately 800 barrels of their award-winning American Pale Rise for free to every bar and restaurant in Rhode Island. "Bars and restaurants

The Pilgrim men's volleyball team returned to the game for the first time since 2019 and made a solid start to 2-1. The Patriots defeated Westwind and West Warwick in three sets, but lost to...

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Bishop Hendricken The baseball team defeated Lincoln in a back-to-back match at the weekend, winning 4-2 on Saturday and winning 11-10 on Monday. The Eagles trailed 2-0 early on Saturday,

Author: John Howell undertook a $25 million renovation of the "West Bay Convention Center" named on Thursday, and completed it on time and on budget in February 2020. The fully renovated Crowne Plaza Hotel is planned for

By: JOHN HOWELL Governor Dan McKee did some manual labor on Friday afternoon. The same goes for Governor Sabina Matos, Senator Michael MCaffrey, Senator Kendra Anderson and Mayor Frank Picozzi. Picozzi enjoyed it. "You know I like to work outside," the mayor finished

Author: RORY SCHULER On Wednesday morning, city officials previewed the first Market Basket store in Rhode Island. The new location at 25 Pace Boulevard in Bald Hill Commons officially opened at 7am on Friday morning. Full-service location with 23 lanes

Author: John Howell In order to show solidarity and commitment to solving the city’s many malfunctioning systems, the city council approved a $6.5 million lease on Monday to purchase three new rescues, plus additional firefighting equipment, police cruisers,

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER The toll gate women's lacrosse team went to Cranston Stadium and defeated the host Cranston 7-2 on Friday night. The Titans led 2-0 in the opening five minutes. Titans continue

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Since March last year, Pilgrim Senior Centre opened its doors to the community again for the first time. On Monday, the center announced a new face-to-face event schedule and plans to conduct more events in June. "When we closed the door

Author: ARDEN BASTIA There are approximately 325 unprotected people living in streets, cars, camps, or other uninhabitable spaces throughout the state. Due to COVID restrictions, 146 refuge beds have been removed

Putting colors in the spotlight Thanks to the efforts of several residents of Warwick Neck, a section of Warwick's history has given new brilliance. City-owned land on Warwick Neck Avenue, with a boulder on it, with a brass plate on it, saying

Drunk driving At around 12:40 on May 1, Police Officer Andrew Distelhurst received a hit-and-run accident report from a house on Boylston Street. Other police officers found and intercepted the suspicious vehicle described as a 2013 Kia Optima at Rocky Point

John Howell (JOHN HOWELL) Mayor Frank Picozzi recalled the previous night’s events on Wednesday morning: “It’s like Twilight.” Picozzi spoke to the House of Representatives at approximately 9:30. Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi spoke on the phone. They are talking about Hummel

Author: ARDEN BASTIA About 50 believers gathered on the steps of Warwick City Hall on Thursday, May 6th to celebrate the National Day Prayer Day. This is a national event that brings people of different faiths together for collective sacrifice . During the event, the local

Author: RORY SCHULER Last week, the Warwick Police Department celebrated the promotion of several police officers at a ceremony held in the Council Chamber of the City Hall. "Tonight we are proud to introduce these eight gentlemen. They will be sworn in in a short time.

Author: Zachary Taylor According to the state of Rhode Island, as the Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee proposed its proposed plastic bag ban, Rhode Island has ensured that all plastic bags allowed in the state are eventually concentrated in one place. One step closer

We were invaded, and so far, this is a good thing-except for the missing saffron. I have never seen so many rabbits. There are more of them than squirrels in our yard. Just the other day, I found three of them, evenly spaced about 3 feet apart, jumping

The Enforcement Department of the Department of Environmental Management is investigating a fatal boating incident in Greenwich Bay near Warwick at about 4:30 pm on Tuesday. One 23-foot-long sailing ship wade and sank, two

Author: PETE FontAINE To commemorate the alive and dead mothers, the elk in the area paid their respects on Mother's Day. They call it a "simple, public ceremony" that involves values ​​such as remembrance, benevolence, protection, and inspiration. "Dear members and guests, we

Author: ARDEN BASTIA Auckland Beach Firefighters Club's first art show The Auckland Beach Firefighters Club is looking for photographers and artists for their first annual art and craft show. The event will be held on Sunday, June 13. The supplier can buy a 10x10 table

Author: ARDEN BASTIA The former Burger King on Centreville Road will offer burgers again, but this time without meat. Plant City X, a breakthrough chain of Plant City in Providence, will soon move in and offer a plant-based fast food menu. this

Adoption site cleanup On Thursday, May 6, scouts from Troop 3 Gaspee Plateau cleared the adoption site at the corner of Parkside Drive and Narragansett Parkway. Boy scouts trim trees, leaning, mowing and mulch, and do it throughout the spring

Author: KATE LeBLANC works at PawsWatch in Tina Conway's Community Cat Center, which seems to be just an ordinary day. North Scituate resident volunteers cleaned cages, mopped floors and organized in the shelter all week

Author: ARDEN BASTIA To celebrate the Arbor Day, the Warwick Wildlife Conservation Commission has selected Winman Middle School as the location for this year's tree planting activities. Wind gusts of up to 35 mph did not prevent Winman students, faculty and staff from gathering

By ARDEN BASTIA Warwick students from Pilgrim and Toll Gate High School were accepted by the All-Star Ensemble of the Rhode Island Music Education Association and performed at a statewide virtual concert on Sunday, May 2. Abigail Hang, Alexander Hang,

Author: ALEX SPONSELLER Despite falling 16-14 at halftime, the Bishop Hendricken football team defeated La Salle 43-22, winning the 10th state championship in 11 years. Entering the third quarter behind 16-14, the Hawks began to comeback

Written by: ARDEN BASTIA The Warwick School Committee was concerned about further delays in the high school renovation project and voted on Tuesday to approve the plan for the Pilgrim and Tollgate High School. The school committee also approved a provisional agreement with Warwick University

Author: John Howell Frank Picozzi (Frank Picozzi) described the day when he learned that the city could dismantle the metal blue flower pots on both sides of the Post Road in Abonag. "This is my time as mayor. One of the happiest days." City workers will remove 42 flower pots, each at a cost of US$5,000

Author: John Howell Mayor Frank Picozzi said this is not a political issue, but he proposed a budget of 333.1 million US dollars, which will not increase taxes. "People are being hurt. Small businesses have to close due to COVID," Picozzi provided on Tuesday

It’s time to pay attention to the farmers’ market. gc Farms’ popular mascot, Mo, returned to his post at the farmers’ market in Pawtuxet village on Saturday, entertaining shoppers with his lively curiosity and white feathers. Liam De Rosa, who lacks musical ability,

Author: ARDEN BASTIA For Dr. Jinen Thakkar, India’s COVID crisis is within easy reach. Dr. Thakkar is now a resident at Kent Hospital. He was born and raised in Mumbai, and many of his family members, including his parents, still live there.

Author: JOHN HOWELL Once a gear in the gears of the industrial revolution, the Sawtooth factory building in Apponaug is being regarded as the location of the future municipal office and the engine of revitalizing the village. City Council members meet with Mayor Frank

What it means to be an American Daniel Alfama came to the United States from Cape Verde about ten years ago. On April 19, he was nationalized as an American. "This is the best country in the world," he said at a reception in Bishop on Friday afternoon.

Warwick Christian Fellowship 358 Warwick Neck Avenue Pastor Steve Reickett 739-26606

Trinity Episcopal Church139 Ocean Ave., Pawtuxet(Pawtuxet Village)Cranston, RI 02905Rev. Mitchell

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